Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Real Housewives of NYC rundown:

1. Kelly? Is she on drugs? Is she bipolar? Both maybe?! Bethenny is a MUCH better person than me because I swear to God I would have ended up donkey konging her a$$. Ladylike? No, but enough already with the interrupting, putting yourself on a pedestal and believing basically you do no wrong and transferring all the blame for the tension between you and Bethenny. Team Bethenny all the way!!

2. Ramona, Ramona, Ramona. You are probably the only person that believes you actually look young...and I swear I can't wait for the episode when one of your eyeballs pop straight out of your head and you have to rinse and reset it. I will pee my pants!

3. Alex and Simon. Your kids are like crazy animals. Invest in a double jogging stroller and keep them buckled in while shopping. And really, you should rethink that whole parenting book thing you've got going on.

4. Scenes from the finale look CRazY!! Wow!!


Penny said...

Good points! I feel the same way.
Also, what is up with Kelly and the blush? Sometimes her cheeks look neon.

Jessica Condatore said...

Alex and Simon are soooo weird! Love the rundown - I definitely laughed

Just Ask Beth said...

Holy Shitake! You are spot on! what about the Jersey BIOTCH"S!!