Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow days

We are snowed in again today and I am beginning to get cabin fever. The wife likes to get out and about and this is really putting a damper on that. Maybe I should take it as a sign from God to take down the Christmas tree....yes, it's still up. Don't judge. I like to keep it up until Jan. 2 normally anyway because I like the lights and this year I had an out of town wedding that weekend and we were out of town again last weekend....and we will be out of town again this weekend! yikes! That would also explain why I am refusing to even bother to put the suitcases away at this time! Some quick updates from the Faithful family
*I did a wedding for a friend of 16 years. While it was beautiful, I have decided I will never go
down that path with a friend again. Enough said on that.
*Lovebug and Birdie were flower girls at said wedding. They were the cutest flower girls ever.
And Birdie, being the entertainer and all, started telling us that morning that she was going to
give a concert at the wedding. I thought she was kidding. She was not. She had the stylist do
her hair "like Taylor Swift" and then at the reception she talked the band into letting her sing
a Taylor Swift song....all by herself. There she sat perched on the stool, barefoot and all,
singing "Love Story"....and there I sat just yards away crying my eyes out!!!!
*Speaking of Birdie, it's almost time to register her for "real" school!! No more just having her
here with me for most of the week...or if we just decide to stay home from school.
*Lovebug has decided she wants to go to Harvard since they had the first dental school in the
US. If any of you win the lottery can you pretty please split it with me?
*Macho Man is growing and changing every day. Some mornings it's like you can visibly see
where he grew during the night. He loves brushing his teeth, doing "cheers" with his cup,
watching his dog and play, play, playing! He's still too chicken to walk...3rd child of mine to
NOT walk until after their first birthday!