Wednesday, November 23, 2011

People are crazy....

and, unfortunately, I am related to the craziest ones of all.

Friday, November 18, 2011

This and That

What's been going on around here? Let me break down the past 6 weeks for you:
*2 weddings to work
*a trip to Disney
*the decor design and implementation for the entire 4th grade Halloween party....the day after Lovebug's bday, days after wedding number two and the same day we left for Disney!
*trip to American Girl in ATL
*2 birthday celebrations--Lovebug and Macho Man
.....and the list goes on, and on, and BUT we have made some fantastic memories and my weddings were fantastic!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Up in here!

My kids done lost their minds up in here, up in here! Gonna make for a long week!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Because

On the job, I sometimes run into some odd things. This took the cake. And yes, I'm weird for climbing into the casket and having my picture taken.......but it did make me laugh!

Monday, August 15, 2011

One More Day

Today is our last day of summer break. One more day until Birdie enters the ranks of "big girls". Sigh.

What I've learned this summer:

Lovebug likes to have scheduled activities Seriously. She attended golf camp,
dance camp, basket ball camp, VBS and was still bored on our "off" days.

Birdie is the exact opposite. She could stay at home and be as happy as can be (unless of course, her sister is playing with one of the neighbors and then she insists on tagging along!)

Macho Man is just a wild man. Cute, but wild.

The beach makes everything better. Even rainy beach days.

Having a true "friend family" is a blessing beyond compare.

Pajama days are fantastic (I already knew that, but it was reaffirmed)!

I actually like the Harry Potter books (however, I am currently reading book 4 and it is taking me forever to get through it!).

Taco Boy in Charleston is worth a little drive out of the way to eat lunch!

The biggest thing I've learned is that time passes too fast. My babies are only little once and I want to enjoy it more. I contemplated closing my business for a little bit, but my heart ached at the thought. The happy compromise I came up with is a more stringent guideline for the fewer clients I agree to work with. No, I won't be able to say I've got 30 weddings this coming year, but honestly, I never wanted that to begin with. It's a boutique experience I'm providing not a W*l-M@rt mass production. Crossing fingers this compromise brings me peace.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Break

Last summer I didn't take much time to plan many activities to keep my children busy. To prevent a repeat of summer boredom I have booked several activities for this year, but they each only last a few hours each day. We are going tomorrow to sign up for the library's summer reading program and I have already looked into the summer $1 movies, but I want to do something "different". Suggestions, please?

Monday, June 6, 2011


Lately, I have come to a couple of conclusions about things:

1. While I like a maxi dress, I hate, hate, hate seeing someone wearing one and it completely dragging the ground. For some reason it just grosses me out and all I can think about is how dirty the hem is!

2. People will take as much as you give.

3. End of school year is wack-o crazy! Some people wonder why I choose not to take clients during this time of year more than I ever and I remember why!

4. Birdie may make me eat my words about never being a competition dance mom. That girl loved having her time to shine on stage. During her recital finale, I thought they may have to get out the 'ole hook to get her off stage.

5. Last, but certainly not least, people need to discipline their children. Seriously. I'm not talking about beating them, but disciplining them. I was grocery shopping in Publix yesterday and finally just had to check out and leave without finish shopping! A little boy and his mother and grandparents were shopping too. After watching him run crazy, the final straw was when he climbed.into.the.milk.display. I'm not kidding! After 3 children one thing I can tell you about parenting, children like boundaries. It may not seem like it at first and yes, it is more work to not give into your children and hold strong. But years down the road your children will appreciate all that extra work you gave to raising them.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birdie's Birthday

Tonight I put to bed my precious little four year old baby girl. Tomorrow she wakes up a big five year old girl.

I feel like this is such a milestone birthday. Past the cusp of the baby years. Full speed ahead to the "big kid" adventures that lie ahead.

Birdie was the baby that brought me many tears....before she was ever conceived. My heart longed for her before she was mine. I was so impatient in my days waiting for the blessing to be her mother. I knew my family wouldn't be complete without another little baby to keep Lovebug, Hubby and I company. I can still remember the morning I found out I was pregnant with her. Lovebug had a "sleepover" with me so Hubby had slept in the guest bedroom. I snuck out of bed to take the test, heart beating, praying and hoping that finally this test was different than all the previous ones. In those brief moments you make all kinds of wagers with God. Begging, pleading. And there it was. Positive. And nothing has ever been the same.

Happy Birthday, Birdie. I'm enjoying having this opportunity to watch you learn how to spread your wings and fly. Many new adventures await you!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy (belated) Easter!

We spent Easter at the beach. I watched my kids run, laugh and play and it hit me, that I am so very thankful God gave us his only son to die for our sins. As a parent, it's beyond my comprehension to have to do such a thing. Me dying for them, could do in a blink of an eye. Having to give one of them to die for myself and others, makes my heart ache and tears well up in my eyes just imagining it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I think I'm the worst blogger ever. Seriously. I keep meaning to write something and then after dinner is over and kids are in bed and I have sent out a couple dozen work emails I am just pooped.

Or just too pooped to write something witty anyway. Watching reality tv? Not too pooped for that.

I could write about Birdie always talking about how she "hopes the paparazzi isn't there" wherever we go. Or how just today, she talked about options for the name of her album (and yes, she referred to it as her album).

I could write about how Lovebug is already mapping out her performance in next year's talent show. (Actually, she is obsessing and it is starting to drive me a tad crazy!) Or how she is 99.99% certain at the age 9 that Harvard is her college of choice. Or how she already knows that she would like to get married in Charleston and have some sort of event at Poe's. I can't fault her for planning ahead. She is my daughter after all.

Then there is Macho Man. The baby. I could write paragraph after paragraph about how much he is changing and how my heart aches about the fact that this is my last baby. (Of course, it doesn't ache enough to make me want to do it all over again!). I could tell you tales of Macho Man getting his first hair cut, "reading" his books, all the words he is trying to say and his general daily antics. I could also share with you that he suffers from a Jekyll and Hyde personality.

I could fill you in on how the Faithful dog that has been part of our family for 7 years left us just a few short weeks ago to go to doggie heaven and yet I still can't get rid of her bed. Macho Man's first sentence was telling her to go and even now I tear up thinking about how she isn't here anymore.

And work. It's growing. Faster and faster. And I love it.....even on the days when I feel completely overwhelmed! The balance between work and family is still a huge struggle. Family, as I tell all of my clients, are first. I had cut off taking anymore clients for this year and just opened up more dates because I was turning so many people away. This may be a double edged sword. Only time will tell. Speaking of work, I need to get back to that. My first Charleston wedding is this weekend!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Stuck in a funk. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe I haven't adjusted to the time change. Maybe it's having a ton on my plate right now.

Regardless, I'm ready to get the funk out of here!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Five for Friday

1. Macho Man got his first hair cut last week and it made me a little sad. He went to the barber shop with my Daddy and Hubby.....and I didn't go. Shocker, I know. But my Daddy never had a boy and I know taking a boy to the barber shop is a big deal for a man and I wanted the three of them to have this moment. He left here a baby and came back all big boy looking!

2. This week has been crazy busy with work. I have two brides right now that are paralyzed by decision making. As in, can't even decide what songs to dance to or flavors of cake they like. Here's my advice to them and all brides....there's no wrong. Period. It's what you like. Yes, we want your guests to enjoy themselves, but it is unnecessary to try to plan an event worried about pleasing of your guests. They will go to many weddings during their lifetimes, but you will only have one wedding (God willing) so be sure it's a day that you love.

3. I gave up margaritas for Lent. Don't judge. It's going to be hard. Warm days with late sunsets are on the horizon. Perfect times for a margarita on the back deck. sigh.

4. I called today about attending a concealed weapons class. It's time I become comfortable with a firearm in case there is ever a need to protect myself. Luckily, I went to high school with a guy who is now an instructor and SWAT team member and he is going to help me along.

5. Lovebug had me purchase her first stick of deodorant today. She's 9!! She sweats and she hates it and I can't argue with that. I just can't believe we are already at that time.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New job

I can say with 110% certainty, I love Hubby's new job! We realized very early on with his last job that it just wasn't going to work out and things quickly went from bad to down right miserable. To say the year we spent with that company was a nightmare would be an understatement!

What it did do was give Hubby a job title that parlayed into other job opportunities. So much so that two of the largest companies involved in health care got into a little bidding war for the Hubs. Ultimately, we went with the job that offered less money. Yes, LESS money. Granted it was more than we were making, but visions of being debt free in one swoop went out the window.

It was a search your heart moment for us. Many prayers were said. Our family simply could not afford, emotionally and financially, to endure another year like the previous. So we really had to weigh all options carefully. More money=travel every Tuesday morning through Thursday evening. No exceptions. No change to the days gone period BUT more money to dig ourselves out of the mess from the previous year. Less money=less money and let's all be for real and admit that money is a HUGE draw to a job. BUT it also had a team of people that Hubby really felt he connected with. It had more opportunity to grow as an employee. It also had less travel. And ultimately, we are family people. We want to spend as many evenings together around the dinner table that we can. Hubby wants to be more than a weekend parent. There isn't a price tag for that. And I am so thankful we followed our hearts.

eta: I wrote this and didn't hit publish. Part of me wondered if it was too personal to talk "money" and if I wanted to share that, but after reading one of my fellow bloggers recent post I felt the need to share.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Never say Never

I feel a case of Bieber fever coming on today....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

Beautiful 70 plus degree weather. Kids out of school for the day. It's Friday. Can someone say, "Fantastic Friday!".

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hodge Podge

I am tired. Dog tired. Hubby and I decided to skip even purchasing cards for each other this year for Valentine's because the truth of the situation is that neither of us needs another thing to worry about at this time.

However, our children will be spoiled yet again for a holiday. And, contrary to assumptions, I do not like to shop. So, this weekend really wasn't the best weekend to take care of the Valentine shopping. Next year I think I will just do it the week after Christmas and be done.

Work is busy....and fantastic (most days!). My little business was featured on another major event blog this week and I couldn't be more proud. I have also had the honor of being placed on the preferred vendor list at a very special place in Highlands, NC. While this does not mean I will be called on every weekend by brides booking this venue, it is an honor to be on such a list for a location so prestigious and esteemed in customer service. Typically it takes several weddings to be placed on this event and I did it with one! Attention to detail and customer service is paramount in this industry!

Today we went to a memorial service for the father of an old friend of mine. As far as memorials go, it was the best one I have ever been to and probably very much similar to something I would like held for myself when I pass on. After this memorial we came home and Hubby & I were playing with Macho Man. He made one of those baby faces that looked like an old man. To which I said, "you are going to be a cute old man one day"......and then I got a little sad, because I realized that that will be a phase in my baby's life that he and I won't share. I won't be around (more than likely) to see him as a cute old man. As a parent you try to never think of NOT being there for your child, no matter what their age.

The school year is rapidly coming to an end and while this makes me a little sad since Birdie will be at "big" school next year with Lovebug, I have NEVER been so ready for summer to get here. I look forward to some lazy days hanging out with all my little people.

Hubby is still enjoying his am I and the Lovely Ladies.

Now to go make some pineapple and bacon cupcakes for treats for the neighbors. I found a recipe that I must try and I figure....who doesn't like bacon!?!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I don't post much about work here (heck, here lately I just don't post!) but check out wedsavvy for my latest work creation!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow days

We are snowed in again today and I am beginning to get cabin fever. The wife likes to get out and about and this is really putting a damper on that. Maybe I should take it as a sign from God to take down the Christmas tree....yes, it's still up. Don't judge. I like to keep it up until Jan. 2 normally anyway because I like the lights and this year I had an out of town wedding that weekend and we were out of town again last weekend....and we will be out of town again this weekend! yikes! That would also explain why I am refusing to even bother to put the suitcases away at this time! Some quick updates from the Faithful family
*I did a wedding for a friend of 16 years. While it was beautiful, I have decided I will never go
down that path with a friend again. Enough said on that.
*Lovebug and Birdie were flower girls at said wedding. They were the cutest flower girls ever.
And Birdie, being the entertainer and all, started telling us that morning that she was going to
give a concert at the wedding. I thought she was kidding. She was not. She had the stylist do
her hair "like Taylor Swift" and then at the reception she talked the band into letting her sing
a Taylor Swift song....all by herself. There she sat perched on the stool, barefoot and all,
singing "Love Story"....and there I sat just yards away crying my eyes out!!!!
*Speaking of Birdie, it's almost time to register her for "real" school!! No more just having her
here with me for most of the week...or if we just decide to stay home from school.
*Lovebug has decided she wants to go to Harvard since they had the first dental school in the
US. If any of you win the lottery can you pretty please split it with me?
*Macho Man is growing and changing every day. Some mornings it's like you can visibly see
where he grew during the night. He loves brushing his teeth, doing "cheers" with his cup,
watching his dog and play, play, playing! He's still too chicken to walk...3rd child of mine to
NOT walk until after their first birthday!