Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Real Housewives of NYC rundown:

1. Kelly? Is she on drugs? Is she bipolar? Both maybe?! Bethenny is a MUCH better person than me because I swear to God I would have ended up donkey konging her a$$. Ladylike? No, but enough already with the interrupting, putting yourself on a pedestal and believing basically you do no wrong and transferring all the blame for the tension between you and Bethenny. Team Bethenny all the way!!

2. Ramona, Ramona, Ramona. You are probably the only person that believes you actually look young...and I swear I can't wait for the episode when one of your eyeballs pop straight out of your head and you have to rinse and reset it. I will pee my pants!

3. Alex and Simon. Your kids are like crazy animals. Invest in a double jogging stroller and keep them buckled in while shopping. And really, you should rethink that whole parenting book thing you've got going on.

4. Scenes from the finale look CRazY!! Wow!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


The Wife and her Girls--Love them!!

Sorry I've been MIA lately. Last Wednesday the Hubby and I flew the MIL into town. (gasp, gasp I know!) Back story, I had planned a girls trip with some of my ladies that I haven't had the opportunity to be with all at once in probably 13 years. Our lives took us down different roads with some of us losing touch for a while and others moving away and others just being too dang busy at times. Then, through the magic of Facebook we as a group of 4 were finally able to reconnect and began working on a get together (which of course took a logistical miracle!). A flight was scheduled for one, days were asked off work, calendars were cleared. All was a go. Then it happened. Hubby got a email from corporate. Guess when the yearly sales meeting was scheduled? The first 3 days of it were during my trip. I was soooo upset! So for the first time ever we asked my MIL to watch our children. I headed to Charleston and Hubby caught his flight up North (I sooo want to tell you where because there is a GREAT story involved, but for the safety of his job I will hold out on that one!!). Us girls enjoyed looking through old pictures, going out to eat, watching Grey's and crying like a bunch of babies, going to the beach (and getting one funky looking sunburn!), lunching out at Poe's and enjoying some of the best fish tacos and french fries, haircuts, dinner at Peninsula Grill (for my very first time and oh.my.word. can you say the very best coconut cake I have EVER thought about putting in my mouth!!!!), rickshaw rides (and races!), bar hopping (the bartender at Henry's sent me some H2O shots so I wouldn't feel left out--sweet gesture, but did I look like I was jonesing for a beverage or something?), fighting off one of the biggest pervs I've EVER come across while out--I had to get very unlady like in getting him away from me!, and lots & lots of talking. I was afraid before heading down that the nausea was going to get the best of me, but I think the Charleston air and old girlfriends is exactly what the doctor ordered. I felt great almost the entire time I was there. Hubby is still gone and won't be back until midnight tomorrow, but the silver lining is he is coming back a day earlier than we had originally thought!!:)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear, oh Dear...

Dear New Doggie Groomer,

Today we dropped our family doggie off that we affectionately refer to as Monkey Dog. Hubby forgave the strong stench of cigarette smoke while dropping little Monkey Dog off with you. However, when you call us two hours later to let us know our doggie is ready and we arrange a pick up time A. you should be there at said time and B. please for all things Holy, do NOT, I REPEAT, DO.NOT let my Hubby in on the inside scoop of your monthly "visitor" and how your tampon is not doing what it is supposed to. Put your apron back on and cover the evidence. This will cause you to lose a client. PROMISE.

The Wife

Monday, April 20, 2009

sick, sicky, sick

I got nothing except that I spent most of the day in bed today feeling like complete arse. A week and a half until the first trimester is over. If I didn't feel so bad I would be sad. This will be my last first trimester. uhhhh...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

status update

So, it's safe to say yesterday was a dozy! Hubby and I returned home from the hospital right after 2 a.m. after checking in at 8:45. After they got two bags of IV fluids in him and some medicine for the nausea he was feeling much better. So much so in fact, that the Wife took over his bed to nestle down for the last 45 minutes we were there. In the end he had a gastro something another. Basically, an ugly stomach bug. They were shocked in the ER that we actually wanted to go home and not stay overnight. Hello? Really not my idea of a fun filled Friday night.

Lovebug's rear end is feeling much better today...thank goodness. That girl is an A+ drama mama and I was fearful this would drag out for a bit. With that being said, I can admit today that I really did almost throw up when I saw the splinter. When I say huge, I mean it was right at two inches long! Thank goodness the thing didn't break off in her mad dash to get inside.

And finally, the pregnancy. I was shocked when I found out I was pregnant...to say the least. Eight years ago when I got pregnant with Lovebug it took several months of "trying". Then with Birdie it took over a year and "trying" got even more complicated. I went off birth control last summer anticipating at some point I would have a huge desire to consult the calendar for my make or break days, but instead I decided I was going to turn it over to God and let him decide the path for my family and I. From day to day I would waver as to whether I wanted to pursue this, but I always had faith that God would do what he felt right for us. And so here I am, pregnant for my last time, with my last baby ever and now that a doctor has had a chance to look at my little blessing and say things look just fine, I am happy. Don't get me wrong I still get sad thinking of all the little things that will change for our lovely ladies and us, like Friday night sleepovers in my bed with Lovebug (will she be too old to still want to do that after a baby is settled into a routine?), my morning snuggle fests with Birdie (will her heartbreak at having to share her Mommy with some little needy person?), and the list goes on. But then my heart soars thinking of all the NEW things ahead. And hearing Birdie saying in the car ride home from the dr, "Mommy has a baby in her belly" was a slice of heaven.

Friday, April 17, 2009

No Flashback Friday...

Waiting for my parents to arrive to pick up the lovely ladies so I can take the Hubby to be treated for dehydration...and to have a CT scan as he threw up so hard while I was out picking up dinner that he hit his head and was knocked unconscious for who knows how long! Yes, folks it happened. This is after just two hours earlier Lovebug runs into the house screaming her head off and pulling down her pants...to show me the longest splinter I've ever seen stuck no where else but her rear end! This happened just two hours after I went to the doctor for my yearly check-up...and my first prenatal visit thinking I was only 8 weeks preggo to find out that, no, in fact I am right over 10 weeks!! Yes, you read it all correctly. That is why the Wife hasn't been posting much. It's hard to even concentrate on anything else other than NOT getting sick...and good thing I've been able to not hurl, I could just end up knocking myself the f*c% out (but not up!). I'll post more from the madness soon. Don't you wish you were me right now?

Monday, April 13, 2009


Birdie officially has her first case of pink eye!! The Hubby is always making fun of me for my fear of the pink eye, but guess I was right this time! This is SO not the best time for the house to be contagious!

Easter was wonderful! Saturday evening we went and had dinner with our friend family and caught up and visited with some out of town friends that I haven't seen in probably 13 years. The kids all participated in an Easter egg hunt...and it of course was hilarious! Sunday morning we got up early to let the girls have time to look through all their Easter goodies and then get ready to head to brunch. It was fantastic!! We didn't make it to church... the Wife has been under the weather lately and knew that sitting still through an entire service would be quite a challenge, especially on Easter Sunday as there are about a million more people in attendance and it takes forever for everyone to do communion. I'll have to make it up this Sunday.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Flashback Friday

It's raining cats and dogs right now and I can't help but think of sunnier days (although I am quite thankful to watch the water levels rise in the nearby lakes!). Here's another picture from last summer by our wonderful photographer, Tiffiney, at www.tiffineyphotography.com. Our original photo session at Folly got rained out/lightening storm on the beach out (which would have made for a great photo, however, I am not willing to risk life and limb for a photo!) so we rescheduled for early the next morning. I'm so happy it worked out that way. We had the beach to ourselves and the weather was perfect.
Happy Good Friday everyone and I hope you all have a Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

and my addiction continues to grow.

Hello, my name is the Wife and I am addicted to reality television. The Hills, yes the MTV reality drama series, The Real Housewives of NY and now to add to the mix, the Real Housewives of NJ! Yes, I know that I've stooped to all kinds of low. It's like a train wreck. A really good train wreck and I just can't turn away from it.

Update on my vendor rant: Crazy MM (as I will now refer to her) is now wanting to charge us $255 to move her chairs that we.are.NOT.even.using!! To make it even more wacko, according to her information, there is only 60 chairs in this location!! Really? Wow! My client and her mother are at their breaking point with her so please all pray that I'm able just to hold the pieces together to orchestrate a fantastic event and get it over with. I'm sure it's safe to say that this is NOT a vendor that I will not only never recommend, but given the snarkiness I've received from her I doubt she'll ever recommend me.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vendor Rant!

I am absolutely about to lose it with one of the vendors that I am working with for an upcoming wedding!! She is the site owner/caterer at a small b and b where the reception will be held. I knew from the first time that I met her that we probably weren't going to jive. Especially when I requested dates that my bride could come in for a food tasting and she about fell over and gave me the, "well, our food is just your traditional Southern food" spill!! After some arm twisting we got that situation straightened out and I got a food tasting, but it had to be done in a back room during another couple's rehearsal dinner and the tasting consisted of the items on their menu. Then I had the whole debate as to what DJ my bride wanted to use. Said facility has a "package" deal they try to sell folks on which includes a DJ and this lady about flipped her lid when she found out that we, in fact, would not be using her vendor. Once again, more arm twisting. Now we are getting into crunch time for the wedding. As in, it's 5 weeks away. My client has had a change of heart about using the caterer's chair covers and we have rented the chivari chairs instead (which I am so happy about!). Since the food tasting took place during another person's rehearsal dinner there was never an opportunity for her to talk to the caterer about the need to make that change on the contract. I told her, "no worries, I will get an updated contract for you". Here I am 6 days later and the lady refuses to send me a contract!! She wants to have a "talk" with me first to discuss some of the items on it. My response is now rather curt with her and I let her know that there would be no discussions until I had the opportunity to look over the updated contract and I could get all my questions and concerns taken care of all at one time. Was I wrong? My logic is, we can't have a two way conversation if I haven't even had the opportunity to look at what we are discussing. What would you do in this situation??!!

And ladies, if you are planning a wedding or any other big event, be very cautious of people that are adamant about you using their, and only their, recommended vendors. I believe that everyone in the industry should have SEVERAL vendors for each area of an event that they can recommend and work well with. Just my 2 cents!!:)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Flashback Friday

Here's the Hubby and I last summer at a wedding reception at the SC Aquarium in Charleston. Doesn't he look sweet?!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Catfight!! What in the hell is wrong with those women on Real Housewives of NYC?!! Ramona is about to pop an eye out, Kelly just put the Z in Crazy, Mario needs to learn how to behave as a gentleman. Oh wait a minute, he's not a woman. Maybe he should quit getting in a tizzy like one. LuAnn was not quite as annoying last night and neither was Alex and Simon, whom I had to agree with in their argument with Ramona and Mario. The pictures were their business. No one elses. Period. Did you watch? What did you think?