Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Bowtie Brigade

This is what you call Daddy's love, folks.  My hubby along with 9 other dads (all 5th grade dads minus 2) wanted to give our group of girls, especially the 5th graders something to always remember their last Daddy/Daughter dance by.  I'd say they succeeded!  The song they are dancing to is One Direction's "You Don't Know You are Beautiful".  The dads did it all.  Down to wardrobe selection.  Us moms just had to keep our mouths shut so the big surprise wouldn't be ruined before showtime!  To say our girls were surprised is an understatement.  As funny as it was watching all their videos after each practice, each time I teared up a little.  They gave our girls something so special.  A memory of a lifetime. 
(and in case you are wondering, yes this group is available for hire for birthday parties, weddings, etc. LOL!)