Saturday, March 20, 2010


Last weekend my girlfriend and I are scooping out the location for her art show to brainstorm some ideas. While we were there the wife of one of the gentlemen in charge of the facility saunters into the room all weird like and proceeds, without even introducing herself, to rub my belly. (pause to note that even when I am at my MOST pregnant this is a pet peeve of mine as MY belly is not public property.) She then proceeds to not just stick her foot in her mouth, but to ram it so far down that I thought it'd poke on out where the sun doesn't shine when she asks me, "so, when is your baby due?". Oh yes she did! Girlfriend and I look at each other and try not to crack up as we both know what just went down. I tell the crazy lady that I am, in fact, not preggers, but rather I just had my 3rd child 4 months earlier...all the while SHE KEEPS RUBBING MY BELLY! WTH?! Bless my sweet girlfriend, as she tried her best to make a recovery or at least an easy out for crazy lady with a "I had my baby 8 months ago and I still have a belly" comment. Crazy never apologized, noted her error, NOTHING. Which leads me to this public service announcement: You know what they say about assuming things....It makes an a$$ out of you and me. Now excuse me while I can find a piece of chocolate to make myself feel better.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


I am sorry I haven't posted much lately. Besides my normal everyday busy life I am currently working on 3 charity projects (1 of which is a VERY large event in the Upstate) and 2 weddings. Once I come up for air I will be back in the bloggy world. Lord knows that between raising 3 children and watching my smut television (to relax, of course!) I should have plenty to write about!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Please visit Every since I came across this blog this family has weighed heavy on my heart. This little girl has made me appreciate my own babies even more and hug them a little tighter. Have your kleenex ready.