Monday, August 15, 2011

One More Day

Today is our last day of summer break. One more day until Birdie enters the ranks of "big girls". Sigh.

What I've learned this summer:

Lovebug likes to have scheduled activities Seriously. She attended golf camp,
dance camp, basket ball camp, VBS and was still bored on our "off" days.

Birdie is the exact opposite. She could stay at home and be as happy as can be (unless of course, her sister is playing with one of the neighbors and then she insists on tagging along!)

Macho Man is just a wild man. Cute, but wild.

The beach makes everything better. Even rainy beach days.

Having a true "friend family" is a blessing beyond compare.

Pajama days are fantastic (I already knew that, but it was reaffirmed)!

I actually like the Harry Potter books (however, I am currently reading book 4 and it is taking me forever to get through it!).

Taco Boy in Charleston is worth a little drive out of the way to eat lunch!

The biggest thing I've learned is that time passes too fast. My babies are only little once and I want to enjoy it more. I contemplated closing my business for a little bit, but my heart ached at the thought. The happy compromise I came up with is a more stringent guideline for the fewer clients I agree to work with. No, I won't be able to say I've got 30 weddings this coming year, but honestly, I never wanted that to begin with. It's a boutique experience I'm providing not a W*l-M@rt mass production. Crossing fingers this compromise brings me peace.