Monday, April 27, 2009


The Wife and her Girls--Love them!!

Sorry I've been MIA lately. Last Wednesday the Hubby and I flew the MIL into town. (gasp, gasp I know!) Back story, I had planned a girls trip with some of my ladies that I haven't had the opportunity to be with all at once in probably 13 years. Our lives took us down different roads with some of us losing touch for a while and others moving away and others just being too dang busy at times. Then, through the magic of Facebook we as a group of 4 were finally able to reconnect and began working on a get together (which of course took a logistical miracle!). A flight was scheduled for one, days were asked off work, calendars were cleared. All was a go. Then it happened. Hubby got a email from corporate. Guess when the yearly sales meeting was scheduled? The first 3 days of it were during my trip. I was soooo upset! So for the first time ever we asked my MIL to watch our children. I headed to Charleston and Hubby caught his flight up North (I sooo want to tell you where because there is a GREAT story involved, but for the safety of his job I will hold out on that one!!). Us girls enjoyed looking through old pictures, going out to eat, watching Grey's and crying like a bunch of babies, going to the beach (and getting one funky looking sunburn!), lunching out at Poe's and enjoying some of the best fish tacos and french fries, haircuts, dinner at Peninsula Grill (for my very first time and can you say the very best coconut cake I have EVER thought about putting in my mouth!!!!), rickshaw rides (and races!), bar hopping (the bartender at Henry's sent me some H2O shots so I wouldn't feel left out--sweet gesture, but did I look like I was jonesing for a beverage or something?), fighting off one of the biggest pervs I've EVER come across while out--I had to get very unlady like in getting him away from me!, and lots & lots of talking. I was afraid before heading down that the nausea was going to get the best of me, but I think the Charleston air and old girlfriends is exactly what the doctor ordered. I felt great almost the entire time I was there. Hubby is still gone and won't be back until midnight tomorrow, but the silver lining is he is coming back a day earlier than we had originally thought!!:)


Just Ask Beth said...

Don't you love get togethers! My BFF's are planning a get together soon also, 2 live in Chas and 2 live in Columbia, so we goto Pawleys!! You look MAHvelous btw!

southerncollegegirl said...

1. MILFS. All four of you. (I'm guessing they all have children or are at least married)
2. Are those tatas real? If so, where can I get some? If not, how do you keep them so perky?!?!
3. You're glowing and flawless.
4. I'm f'ing JEALOUS of how damn beautiful you are and how great your boobs look! :)