Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Book Reviews

The past week and a half I have somehow managed to read not one, but two wonderful books. The first, Sarah's Key, was fantastic. Not fantastic in that warm fuzzy kind of way, but because you leave it more aware of actual events that have taken place as they are intertwined with a fictional storyline. I recommend picking up a copy. The other book, The Last Song, was delivered to me yesterday morning and by bedtime I had finished it! Every nap, every nursing session, every spare minute I had yesterday went into this book. I cried the entire last hour of reading it! I loved the way Nicholas Sparks lets all the characters have an opportunity to narrate the story as it is unfolding. If you haven't read it already go get a copy now...and pick up some kleenex with it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sprouting grays

Today I found two, count 'em, TWO gray hairs! The Wife isn't happy. Having a hard time deciding if it's Macho Man's lack of desire to sleep on his own which equals zero sleep for me when Hubby is traveling or if it's the day to day drama of the Lovely Ladies or if it's the shocker I got grocery shopping this week. At the favorite grocery store grocery shopping by myself for the first time in months (and yes, I was very excited about this opportunity. Sad I know, but whatever!) and I finish up and go check out. Now, Hubby will aggravate me about my ability to stock pile on supplies at the grocery store. But this wasn't one of those trips. I got what was on the list plus 2 or 3 extra items. Imagine my surprise when I look at my total and it was almost $300...for hardly any groceries! I almost stroked out!! Problem? They didn't close out the sale before me and my groceries were just adding onto that person's total! Lesson of the week? If something doesn't seem right ALWAYS speak up even if you feel like it's a little embarrassing. The cashier tried to tell me that my steaks and small can of formula were the problem. Hello, that was $30 worth of merchandise! And having to deal with the stares of all my fellow customers wondering what in the hell was going on in my check out lane as of my items had to be voided off the bill and re rung was fun times. Really not. Had I waited until I had gotten home there would have been no recourse for me, but since I made the cashier go through my receipt to discover why it was so expensive I was able to save myself over a $100!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I've got it and it hurts like heck! I started noticing the symptoms yesterday and by this morning they were in full effect. I can't even bear to have Macho Man up on my chest as it hurts so bad. I've tried the warm shower and expressing milk and I've nursed him on that side several times. If any of you have any other suggestions please feel me in. I feel like I have the flu with achy muscles, fever, the whole nine yards. Not a fun way to spend my Sunday!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Is it strange that I love, love, love to see snow, but I hate, hate, hate to play in it because I despise being cold?

On a completely different note, this Susan Powell story is so sad. Her husband is guilty! Sorry if you disagree, but the facts (that the police do actually have) do.not.add.up!

And another thing, Happy Birthday Elvis! Love him!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello, My name is...

the Wife and I am addicted to Jersey Shore and any and all of the Real Housewives. I feel my brain turning to mush as I type this.

eta: Just saw on the Huffington Post that Simon has filed for divorce from Tamara on the basis of infidelity. Interesting....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2 months

Today Macho Man is two months old. I absolutely can NOT believe he has been with us that long, but at the same time I am at that place where memories of a time without him are fuzzy. He is picking his sweet little head up and trying to look around at the world around him and figure it out. His favorite time is spent without clothes on--Lord help us as he gets older! He is also quite the ladies man, always saving the big smiles and giggles for his Mommy. And his sisters ADORE him! Birdie had such a hard time when she came to the hospital and met him for the first time. She truly had her heart set on having a baby sister and as soon as she found out we had a boy she wanted to go home. She wouldn't even come give me a hug or barely touch Macho Man. It broke my heart!! Now she is big sister extraordinaire. And Lovebug is just a little Mommy looking out for him. Macho Man is a fussy little fella when the sun goes down and he is not a fan of sleeping by himself. And I am convinced that if I had 10 children every single one of them would have reflux issues that would be a source of great stress for me!!! Regardless, he is so super sweet and like a lump of sugar for me to love on.