Sunday, May 17, 2009


Another wedding...that's what has occupied my time lately. Disclaimer: I did not put the flowers together. However, I was lucky enough to have creative freedom and when the client and I went to meet the florist she turned it over to me to present all my ideas to the florist and we were allowed to work together to come up with a design for this couple. Can I just say heaven?! I will toot my own horn on this was beautiful!!! We have worked on it since December and the last few weeks it really has kept me busy, but I have learned 2 things: 1. As an event planner, when your client trusts you and your abilities it makes things a million times easier (so if you are looking to hire an event planner, make sure your personalities blend well--YOU WILL BE TRUSTING A BIG DAY TO THEM and need to be able to communicate!) and 2. when you love what you do, it shows. I know that I am lucky enough to be in a position I don't have to work, but I choose to because I LOVE what I do and I think that comes across to my clients. The new baby's upcoming arrival puts a little kink in this business I am/was trying to grow, but I have decided I just have to listen to my heart and believe that God will guide me.

I will post more pics as I get them from my FAVORITE photographer, who I am so excited that I was able to finally work with on a wedding! I'll let her pics do the talking for me!

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Tiffiney Photography said...

awee! i'm flattered. favorite? really? well, i must're my favorite event planner! i think we make a good team. we need to be packaged together! :)