Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vendor Rant!

I am absolutely about to lose it with one of the vendors that I am working with for an upcoming wedding!! She is the site owner/caterer at a small b and b where the reception will be held. I knew from the first time that I met her that we probably weren't going to jive. Especially when I requested dates that my bride could come in for a food tasting and she about fell over and gave me the, "well, our food is just your traditional Southern food" spill!! After some arm twisting we got that situation straightened out and I got a food tasting, but it had to be done in a back room during another couple's rehearsal dinner and the tasting consisted of the items on their menu. Then I had the whole debate as to what DJ my bride wanted to use. Said facility has a "package" deal they try to sell folks on which includes a DJ and this lady about flipped her lid when she found out that we, in fact, would not be using her vendor. Once again, more arm twisting. Now we are getting into crunch time for the wedding. As in, it's 5 weeks away. My client has had a change of heart about using the caterer's chair covers and we have rented the chivari chairs instead (which I am so happy about!). Since the food tasting took place during another person's rehearsal dinner there was never an opportunity for her to talk to the caterer about the need to make that change on the contract. I told her, "no worries, I will get an updated contract for you". Here I am 6 days later and the lady refuses to send me a contract!! She wants to have a "talk" with me first to discuss some of the items on it. My response is now rather curt with her and I let her know that there would be no discussions until I had the opportunity to look over the updated contract and I could get all my questions and concerns taken care of all at one time. Was I wrong? My logic is, we can't have a two way conversation if I haven't even had the opportunity to look at what we are discussing. What would you do in this situation??!!

And ladies, if you are planning a wedding or any other big event, be very cautious of people that are adamant about you using their, and only their, recommended vendors. I believe that everyone in the industry should have SEVERAL vendors for each area of an event that they can recommend and work well with. Just my 2 cents!!:)


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Good places to host a reception around here are few & far between.
I had my reception in my parent's backyard & my BFF had hers in my front yard.

You sound like a wonderful wedding planner. Mine was wonderful too, but she died of cancer. If someone told me no, she would find someone to say yes.

MGBHLH said...

I agree with you!

My other 1/2 is a chef and worked for the biggest caterer in Columbia for over 20 years. I helped with weddings and some events. I loved it, and I am VERY jealous of your career!

Have a great Easter, and I hope the Bunny is good to you - after all we girls love our "carats".

Lisa said...

Your job sounds like a ton of work. At last the end result makes people very happy.

Just Ask Beth said...

The "vendor" needs a good old fashioned "bitch" slap!!