Sunday, November 17, 2013


Know what you get when it's a rainy Sunday and you've been crazy busy for weeks on end?  This for an OOTD.  Be jealous of how fashion savvy I am!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Throw back Thursday

One of the weddings I planned 2 years ago is featured today on The Frosted Petticoat!  Go check it out.  It's one of my faves if I do say so myself!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Can anyone give me any info on Silver Spring, MD?  Looks like Lovebug and I will be spending a night there in October and I need to know where to eat!  Yes, it always comes back to food for me.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer time

I can't believe we start back to school tomorrow.  Summer flew by!  This was such a wonderful and relaxing summer (for the most part) and I hate to see it end.  We managed to squeeze in as much fun as we could.

We kicked off summer with a little road trip through Orange Beach, Alabama to New Orleans and back through Auburn.  It was awesome!  Yes, folks, you can take your little people to New Orleans and have a great time.  We affectionately refer to that as our foodie trip.  We literally had a list of all the food items we wanted to try and marked them off as we went.  In Orange Beach, we lounged on the beach some, took a dolphin sighting cruise and just relaxed.  New Orleans was full of boudin, gumbo, po boys, snow balls, beignets, and thankfully, crawfish (we were there the last weekend of the season).  We enjoyed Father's Day brunch at Commander's Palace and I can say that it is hands down the best fine dining experience we've ever had as a family.  If you go, you must try the turtle soup.  Yes, I love food.  While at Auburn we stopped in Toomers Drugs to enjoy some of their famous lemonade.

Poor timing on the food fest though because just days after I got back was my 20 year high school reunion!  YIKES!  How'd 20 years pass already??  I still feel like I'm just 22 and I'm sure some folks would say I act like it, too. 

4th of July brought a trip to West Virginia for us.  I know.  Not the place you would think of spending the 4th.  However, our old neighbors and part of our friend family moved back there and just finished their new home and we went to hang out in the pool and just relax.  It was perfection.  There is nothing better for the soul than time spent enjoying the company of folks you love.  Lots of pool time, lots of cooking, some walks,  crafty 4th tee shirts,  wine and champagne and other cocktails, some guitar sing a longs.  Perfect.

Then we got back.  Hubby got a call that his job position has been eliminated.  Yep.  Laid off.  We are currently working his time out and hopeful that he will be placed before his official last day.  I'll keep you posted, but that's enough of the debbie downer stuff.

We had already paid in full for our beach house rental and couldn't get all of our money back so off we went for our beach week and tried to relax.  Lots of time at the beach and pool.  Each child still had their special outing by themselves with us--we started a tradition years ago that each child gets one outing with us while we are at the beach so they can have our undivided attention and we can make individual special memories with them.  It was a good time.  Just given the previously listed news, not quite as laid back as in years past.

Here's to hoping for a great school year (and a new job)!  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Friday, May 3, 2013


"I'm gonna tell you a story.  Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Mama..."~~~my sweet boy.  Be still my heart.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Bowtie Brigade

This is what you call Daddy's love, folks.  My hubby along with 9 other dads (all 5th grade dads minus 2) wanted to give our group of girls, especially the 5th graders something to always remember their last Daddy/Daughter dance by.  I'd say they succeeded!  The song they are dancing to is One Direction's "You Don't Know You are Beautiful".  The dads did it all.  Down to wardrobe selection.  Us moms just had to keep our mouths shut so the big surprise wouldn't be ruined before showtime!  To say our girls were surprised is an understatement.  As funny as it was watching all their videos after each practice, each time I teared up a little.  They gave our girls something so special.  A memory of a lifetime. 
(and in case you are wondering, yes this group is available for hire for birthday parties, weddings, etc. LOL!)

Thursday, January 31, 2013

It all comes back around!

"I wish I had a crimper."~~Lovebug

Me, "WHY?!"

"So I could crimp my hair (insert a duh face here).", said Lovebug

Me, "Is THAT back in style now???"


Oh, my.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boys vs Girls

Being a "boy mom" is truly a world of difference from being a "girl mom".  I've read a few blogs where ladies go on and on about how happy they are to be one over the other.  To be honest, I sometimes take offense to it, especially when it's moms talking about how having boys is so much better or easier.

I'm calling you out on that.

It's not easier.  It's just different.

Yes, girls have drama and all the girly issues.  I get it.  I hate it, too.  As do most other normal mothers out there.  But what message does it send all the little girls out there, one of which could marry your little prince one day no less, when we as a group of women go on and on about how much better it is to be a mom of boys because we don't have as much of the emotional baggage that seems to come with girls?

And to get real real, I'm finding being a "boy mom" to have it's own set of challenges that rivals the girl issues.  For one, they are SO much more physical.  Example:  Macho Man ran and literally slammed his mouth into the built in desk in our kitchen last week.  At 3, my son has now lost a tooth, his other front teeth are a mess and we are dealing with infection, possible fractures, etc, etc.  Why?  Because he's always running at full speed ahead.  I love that about him.  But I also know it's one of our challenges.  Two, where they aren't as emotionally verbal they seem to get much more frustrated when you can't figure out what is going on with them.  And I know as he gets older and into sports there will be a whole other bag of chips to open up (and it won't be from just other children...remember, those little girls that are "full of drama" grow up to be mamas and sometimes they are the team moms.  Think on that for a moment.)  And don't get me started on the statistics of boy bullying.  I've dealt with bullying with Lovebug and thinking about it for any of my other children makes my stomach turn.

My last two pregnancies I didn't find out what we were having.  (I wouldn't have for the first, but the Hubs was dying to know.)  I didn't find out because it didn't matter.  Boys vs Girls.  I didn't mind either way.  As long as God gave me a happy and healthy child how could I be anything but happy?  As a mom of both sexes, I have heard the "I love being a boy mom" way more than the "I love being a girl mom".  I think we owe it to all of our children to just be happy being a mom.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday, Monday

I've had my New Year's blog post rambling in my head for weeks now.  Well, since the New Year.  I'm not a huge "resolution" person.  I hate the idea of not being able to follow through so I just tend to stay away from resolutions all together because of it.

This year is a tad bit different. 

I'm making Monthly changes.  I can bite off just a little bit at a time rather try to do a whole overall at once.  This month it's all about trying to become more organized.  We have so much STUFF.  Hubby works from home.  I work from home.  3 kids=tons of stuff.  There's the never ending paper mountain to get through.  There's a million and one photographs to get on the wall.  Etc, etc.  This is the year that happens.  No more excuses. 

Next month is Fiscal Fast February.  Not kidding.  I started figuring up about how much we spend on going out to eat and picking up quick little snacks/treats/coffee and I wanted to be sick.  And when I say going out to eat, that's not necessarily a sit down meal.  Here's an example of a week for us:
Chick Fil A lunch  $20
Pizza Friday dinner  $35
Panera Sunday breakfast  $20
Starbucks drive through  $10

This is all before a trip to the Mexican restaurant or spirit night at a restaurant out that helps raise money for the school or another lunch out.  Nothing extravagant or crazy and in a blink we've easily spent $150 a week in going out.  Every.single.week.  And that is being on the low side if I am honest with myself.  Next month that changes.  Each week will contain an envelope with $30 inside.  That's it.  Our kids will have a voice in what meal out we will use that on.  They will get to see how their choices affect the budget.  That money doesn't just grow on trees and we need to think about purchases. I'm excited about this little project.

More on my year of tweaks to come...