Thursday, October 29, 2009

Final countdown...

7 days, 7 days, OMG, just 7 more days!! Yes, Baby Faithful will be here 7 days from right this moment. I'm a little nervous, not gonna lie. Birdie has been super sweet lately, but wanting a lot of extra Mommy attention and Lovebug seems to even be showing signs of getting ready for the new arrival with the need to act out a little more than normal, but still wanting to be close by. I can't believe we are down to our last week. I'm starting to have those crazy fears wondering if everything will be alright with the baby, wondering how recovery will go, etc., etc. I've been sick for over a week now and I am really hoping that will pass before next week so I can actually breathe in that new baby smell when I get to hold our newest addition. Not to mention, I think of how painful it will be to cough with my incision and it makes my eyes tear up!!

So many other things are going on in our lives right now, too that I feel like we are moving at warp speed. Some of it good, others definitely not good. I will try to fill you in on all that stuff soon and I will try to post at least once more before we bring home baby.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3 weeks and 2 days

That's all the time left until Baby Faithful arrives...unless of course, he or she decides to make an appearance early. Otherwise I will be in surgery by 7:30 a.m November 5th giving birth to this little miracle. Over the course of this pregnancy I have been asked no less than a 100 times "what are you having" and no less than 100 times people have been shocked by my "I don't know. We're not finding out" answer. I have been put in a position MULTIPLE times to defend myself from people who act and treat me like I am absolutely crazy for not finding out. Even my parents, as well as several friends, can't believe we don't want to know. Here's the bottom line. I truly don't care the sex of my child. It makes no difference whatsoever to me. Either way I will love him/her. I won't be giving it back. It was a miracle that I have been blessed with. Ask a woman who is unable to conceive a child if it would matter to her what God would bless her with. Ask a set of parents that have lost a baby to stillbirth if they were concerned with their child not being the "sex that they wanted". When I respond that I just want a healthy baby I'm not saying it for good speak, I'm saying it because I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
Rant over!:)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

school projects

Will someone please let me know when school projects became so dang complicated?! Lovebug is in 2nd grade and we are currently working on a project folder that must include a picture/decoration of the animal she is researching, a paragraph of characteristics of the animal as well as illustrations of these characteristics and then a paragraph of the habitat along with illustrations of the habitat. The back of the folder is a list of questions regarding the animal and then there is to be a fictional paragraph regarding Lovebug and the animal (which for her is a flamingo). She has to get up and give a presentation of all the information she has found regarding flamingos. I now know more about flamingos than I ever thought possible. Is this the norm now?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Flashback Friday

Just for you Southern College Girl!!:) This is the shadow back in June--images appear larger than they actually were at the time...that's close to my size now!! Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We are down to four weeks and counting...and still have SO much to do. Just wanted to share a sneak peek of how the nursery is progressing at this time. Hopefully, I can get it all pulled together before Baby Faithful arrives. There is a section of the tree mural missing and when they sent me the replacement the adhesive was on backwards. I have gotten in touch with them to see about a replacement and still haven't heard back.....ugghhh! The crib has been a whole separate set of issues, but I think those have finally been worked out. We are to receive another crib just like this one very soon--which is the last one the company made! Note to pregnant women, if you want a drop side crib they are stopping production on them as the government does not deem them safe. This one in the picture will be for sale as soon as my new one comes in so if anyone is SC is interested just let me know. Still need a glider. Have one in white with custom cushions to match the bedding from when I was pregnant with Birdie. Thinking I am just going to have to "make do" and use it. I originally wanted a coffee stained one to use the cushions on or an upholstered one in there. Time and money are quickly slipping away at this point.

Word to the Wise

When you are in the last few months of pregnancy DO NOT have some (just switched to) Activia yogurt with your granola and berries with a cup of coffee for breakfast. Just sayin'.