Tuesday, March 31, 2009

growing up...

I have been MIA lately and I have no real excuse as to why. I got back from Seattle and have been struggling with a terrible case of insomnia. I have a doctor's appointment in two weeks. I am pretty certain I already know the cause, but I'll wait to see what the doctor says.

The past few days I've been watching Baby Girl. Really watching her. How is she such a big girl already? We are working on potty training and she is getting to where she doesn't even want to put a diaper on. She doesn't sit in the high chair anymore and she has taken up drinking in a "big girl" cup. And the things that she says. Oh how my heart melts. In the morning she loves to crawl into bed with me. She'll roll over and start rubbing my face and will say, "I love you Mommy". Another thing she likes to tell the Hubby and I is that we're her "best friend". So with all these changes I think it's only fitting that I officially change her nickname from Baby Girl to Birdie...because she is ready to start spreading her wings and learning how to fly. Oh to be a proud Mommy, with a breaking heart.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

Going old school with a photo from either 1979 or 1980 (can't remember which one exactly and my parents never wrote dates on the back of their pictures). There I was in all my glory lined up to do the local town Christmas parade--thankfully I didn't fall in this one like I did a few weeks later in my hometown parade. Yes, I'm graceful like that. I know you're jealous!! The joy of growing up in a small town is there is ALWAYS a parade to be in! I was in many growing up for either dance, cheerleading or pageants. Can't wait for the lovely ladies to have their opportunities to wave at the crowd as they pass by!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cutest Groucho Ever!!

Did I miss this Baby Girl or what during the 5 days I was in Seattle visiting the Little Sister?! I have never been away from her that long and this Wife was jonesing to get back and wrap her up in some hugs and kisses (and the Hubby, too!). As soon as I saw the Groucho Marx glasses in a little children's shop in the Queen Anne district I knew they would be the perfect little sercy to bring home to her.

Update on my Daddy: The dr's did the dye test before surgery and decided that at this time the blockages are minimal enough that they are going to continue to treat him with medication. I'm sure there was talk of healthier eating habits and less smoking, but that's the part of the story I may never hear. Hopefully, we can work on healing our hearts in more ways than one now. I know that we will always be a dysfunctional family at best, but I have to at least do my part in letting go of the things I can't control. That is my 2nd quarter of the year resolution!!:)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday

Flashing all the way back to yesterday. whoohoo! (I never said Flashback Friday had to always be old, old!). Anyway, I'm here in the lovely state of Washington with the Little Sister and we took my little nephew and Lovebug up to Mt.Rainier yesterday. The weather was gorgeous--not a cloud in the sky and we got to enjoy some wonderful sights. On our way back down we passed a field and two homes that had no less than 25 elk lingering about!! We quickly turned the vehicle around so we could take some pictures and we just kept spotting more elk. We had already seen a coyote (aka as a cougar according to my sister!ha!) and a black tailed deer. Today we are headed to Seattle to tour the Space Needle and then spend the night. I'm hoping to enjoy lots of yummy food too!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

thank you

Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. The situation with my parents is still very raw so I would rather not get into all that. I will say that Daddy goes tomorrow to schedule surgery. Just so happens I will be leaving on a jet plane to go see the Little Sister and the sweetest little nephew in the world. I haven't seen him in a year and a half....(hint,hint!!) and I can't wait to get my hands on him! Tonight I am getting busy packing for Lovebug and myself, getting the house ready for the Hubby and Baby Girl (aka Birdie) to take over and resting as much as possible since I.am.still.sick!! I still owe you a post regarding the fashion show and I will get to it soon I promise. Maybe when I'm wide awake at 5 am Pacific time and the rest of the house is still snug in the bed I will squeeze it in. I have to admit there aren't any good pics from my camera to post...sorry!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Can't write much--head is still fuzzy. Saw the parents today. Cried like a baby when I hugged my daddy.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Prayer Request

Tomorrow I'm going to see my parents...for the first time in almost exactly two years. That needs a prayer in itself, but the actual request is for my daddy. Hubby took the lovely ladies to visit with my parents today as he will do occasionally since I still want them to have a relationship. I never want my girls to be angry at me one day for feeling like I kept them from their grandparents. Anyway, during this visit (which is the first since Christmas) Hubby found out my daddy is having heart surgery this week. This is truly my biggest fear regarding this situation coming to life. I'm beyond words. He needs a stint to be put in as he has two blockages. My father is only 54. I thought these things happened later than this. The good news is, A. it's forcing me to come to terms with the things regarding my parents that I can and cannot control and B. that they are able to go in through his leg, so it should be pretty non-invasive. Lovebug and myself are scheduled to fly out to see the Little Sister on Wednesday and I have to go and see my daddy before then. I'm going to lose it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Flashback Friday

I'm dreaming of blue skies, blue seas and a salty breeze on my face...of course a fruity cocktail in the hand would be awfully nice too!! Hubby and I, along with six other friends, took a week long vacation to Cozumel 4th of July week back in 2000. Loved it!! Only thing odd for me was not being in the good ole US of A to celebrate Independence Day.

side note: PLEASE excuse the extremely brassy blond locks on my head! I went in for some highlights the week before our trip and they.messed.up...big! I refused to leave the salon after the first round of color and this is what I ended up looking like after the 2nd try. Seeing that I was in a wedding the very next day and I didn't want my hair to start falling out I decided to leave well enough alone.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sex and the City...

While I'm still feeling yucky today I'm pulling myself up by the bootstraps and heading to the Queen City for a charity fashion show. The featured piece? The wedding gown that Carrie Bradshaw donned for her wedding to Big!!! A girlfriend and I are heading up early to help with ticket sales. After we finish our work post we will be people watching in the VIP section. This Wife is super is excited!! I am taking the camera and will try to get some pictures to post.

side note: How many Halls do you think a person can consume in one day before it's harmful to their body?! If it weren't for the Invisalign I would have one in my mouth nonstop right now--that can't be good for you!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not Now!

Guess who's sick? You got it! The Wife. Of course I am. It only happens at the worst possible times! I have the baby shower here this weekend to prepare for and Lovebug and I fly out next Wednesday to Seattle to see the Little Sister. NyQuil isn't even bringing relief! uggghhh!

side note: I went to the meeting last night (snotty nose self and all!) and I really liked it. I've got one other meeting with the Children's Museum here that I've thought about joining before I make a final decision. It's one or the other for me as I cannot, as much as I try, produce more time to get to everything I want to do. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Don't have anything good for you today. Just a bunch of ramblings about my comings and goings lately. Last Friday I was invited to my very first book club ever (we read The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. recommend it if you are looking for a easy read. has a slow start for me, but can relate to the soldier, because, hello Hubby is a Veteran and the BIL). I was a little nervous at first as I am on the shy side when I am put in a room full of folks I don't know and I will be expected to be in the spotlight with all eyes and ears on me. HOWEVER, there was a lot more wine drinking and food eaten (which led to recipe swapping) than "book talking". This my friends is the club for me!

Saturday morning I was awaken by Baby Girl (who is starting to take to the nickname Birdie--more on that later!) at the spry hour of 5:15! WTH!? I had just gotten home at 12:45! Thankfully, Lovebug's soccer practice was cancelled due to the crappy ole weather and I got to hang out and lounge for a bit before a Mommy/Daughter day running errands with Lovebug. That child was in some serious need for some new tennis shoes and we just made a day of it.

Sunday aka the day of rest....I had to go to the grocery store for our week's supply. I did this when.every.other.tom.dick.and.harry were making a run for their milk and bread! Good times? I think not! After fighting the crowds and running in the icky sleet/rain mix I was ready to come back home and nestle down. Positive note for the day--I saved right at $40 in coupons! Love it!!

Today school was cancelled because of the said icky weather which ended up dropping around 5 inches of snow on us as well and we woke up to no power! I thank the good Lord above for gas logs, gas hot water heaters, and a gas stove. Hubby made us all a fantastic steak, red bell pepper and goat cheese omelet and we enjoyed coffee from the french press! Now the power's back on, looks like school is a go tomorrow, the white stuff is melting away and all is right in the world!

Tomorrow brings the Junior League Open House which I have decided to attend. I want to make a decision on joining after I get a feel for the group. I am also in the "I'm hosting a shower in my house this weekend" mode which means LOTS of running around for me! If you all have read this far, bless you! Hope I didn't bore you to tears! It'll be better next time (or the time after that!), I promise!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

While the snow you are bestowing among the Upstate of my lovely state is quite beautiful, I believe Ms. Nature you may need to take a look at a calendar. Mine says March 1st, which logically means we are past the point for such winter weather. My tulips have begun pushing their way up through the ground. My cherry trees are starting to form little buds. Add to that, this is the busiest week I've had since the holiday season and well, this area is known to completely shut down at the first sign of winter weather. You must stop this madness!

The Wife


Yesterday I heard God speak to me. Really. Like he was whispering in my ear. I have felt God plenty, but never like this. It lead me to do a random act of kindness for a stranger without them ever having a clue as to who did it. Better, Lovebug was with me to participate. I'm thankful that I was able to afford this opportunity. I won't share anymore than that about it as I want the purity of the act to remain just that, pure. But if you are in a position to perform a random act of kindness: just do it! Your heart will thank you for it.