Monday, April 13, 2009


Birdie officially has her first case of pink eye!! The Hubby is always making fun of me for my fear of the pink eye, but guess I was right this time! This is SO not the best time for the house to be contagious!

Easter was wonderful! Saturday evening we went and had dinner with our friend family and caught up and visited with some out of town friends that I haven't seen in probably 13 years. The kids all participated in an Easter egg hunt...and it of course was hilarious! Sunday morning we got up early to let the girls have time to look through all their Easter goodies and then get ready to head to brunch. It was fantastic!! We didn't make it to church... the Wife has been under the weather lately and knew that sitting still through an entire service would be quite a challenge, especially on Easter Sunday as there are about a million more people in attendance and it takes forever for everyone to do communion. I'll have to make it up this Sunday.