Saturday, April 18, 2009

status update

So, it's safe to say yesterday was a dozy! Hubby and I returned home from the hospital right after 2 a.m. after checking in at 8:45. After they got two bags of IV fluids in him and some medicine for the nausea he was feeling much better. So much so in fact, that the Wife took over his bed to nestle down for the last 45 minutes we were there. In the end he had a gastro something another. Basically, an ugly stomach bug. They were shocked in the ER that we actually wanted to go home and not stay overnight. Hello? Really not my idea of a fun filled Friday night.

Lovebug's rear end is feeling much better today...thank goodness. That girl is an A+ drama mama and I was fearful this would drag out for a bit. With that being said, I can admit today that I really did almost throw up when I saw the splinter. When I say huge, I mean it was right at two inches long! Thank goodness the thing didn't break off in her mad dash to get inside.

And finally, the pregnancy. I was shocked when I found out I was say the least. Eight years ago when I got pregnant with Lovebug it took several months of "trying". Then with Birdie it took over a year and "trying" got even more complicated. I went off birth control last summer anticipating at some point I would have a huge desire to consult the calendar for my make or break days, but instead I decided I was going to turn it over to God and let him decide the path for my family and I. From day to day I would waver as to whether I wanted to pursue this, but I always had faith that God would do what he felt right for us. And so here I am, pregnant for my last time, with my last baby ever and now that a doctor has had a chance to look at my little blessing and say things look just fine, I am happy. Don't get me wrong I still get sad thinking of all the little things that will change for our lovely ladies and us, like Friday night sleepovers in my bed with Lovebug (will she be too old to still want to do that after a baby is settled into a routine?), my morning snuggle fests with Birdie (will her heartbreak at having to share her Mommy with some little needy person?), and the list goes on. But then my heart soars thinking of all the NEW things ahead. And hearing Birdie saying in the car ride home from the dr, "Mommy has a baby in her belly" was a slice of heaven.


southerncollegegirl said...

Glad Hubby is doing alright! I laughed when you said Lovebug is A+ drama-- so is my sister!

So much will change because of this baby... but in the end it will all be for the better! Lovebug and Birdie are going to love this baby, it will be so exciting for them! PLEASE keep us updated!

Snooty Primadona said...

Whew! It's amazing how much better things look in 24 hours, isn't it?

I'd had my tubes tied after my 2nd child was born, but when the kids were in high school, my doctor thought I might be pregnant. After my initial shock, I was kind of warming up to the idea of another baby. Actually, I got really excited. Then he called to tell me I wasn't pregnant... I was in early menopause. I cried for days!


Simply Me said...

love your blog- new follower! :)