Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday

Here's an oldie, but goodie from Spring 1995. We were having a sleepover at one of the dorms at College of Charleston. All four of us girls went to high school together and we were great friends our freshman year of college. We thought we were so cute and funny doing some of our cheerleader-esque poses!! Now that both of the lovely ladies are feeling better we are going through with our plans to head to Charleston for some trick or treating and I'm going to visit with one of these ladies pictured above. I haven't seen her in 10 years and I am so looking forward to getting to catch up and introducing her to my little loves!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I know I've been a slacker lately and I am so sorry. We are dealing with a stomach virus in our house...that has taken up residence since LAST Friday! Baby Girl and I both woke up sick Friday with it peaking at 2 a.m. Saturday night/Sunday morning with Hubby going to Wally World to get Pedialyte for her--which she promptly vomited! Yesterday she went to the doctor and it looks like she is now on the upswing. However, now Lovebug is extremely sick! Took her to the Cheetah Girls concert for her birthday present without incident, thank God. At 1 this morning she was up throwing up everywhere!! She's been sick all day and I'm starting to think we may end up missing school again tomorrow. Everyone say a prayer and cross some fingers that this has passed by Friday. Once I'm no longer on vomit patrol I will be back to posting, promise!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Party, throw up and all the fun stuff!

The birthday shindig was yesterday and it was a huge success. I would post pictures, however I did not take one.single.picture! Can you believe that? I did, however, have a photographer here to take in all the action and I will post some pictures as soon as she has them ready. Hell, who am I kidding? Even if I had taken pictures yesterday I probably wouldn't be posting today due to the fact that I'm EXHAUSTED! Another post later today to explain why Hubby went to Wally World at two a.m. and to marvel at the fact that Lovebug is seven today!

sidenote: Lovebug is spending several hours with my parents today. They never responded to my email so Hubby called them to see if they would like to see her today and he is gone now to meet them to do the child swap. She is super excited and that is all that counts today.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

guilty pleasure

I have to admit it, I'm sitting here watching Real Housewives of Atlanta. Why can't I turn away from the train wreck? Someone? Anyone? Is anyone else suffering from this addiction?

On another note, where are all the party suggestions???

Monday, October 20, 2008

Party prep

Lovebug turns 7 on Sunday and we are throwing her the biggest party she's had to date. Wife here must of been hitting the hard liquor the day I thought it would be just fine to invite 39, yes that is a 3 followed by a 9, little people to my house! I knew this was the last big birthday party we were having for her for quite a few years so I guess I wanted to blow it out. Anywho, we are doing it up with a Halloween theme this year and it's the first time doing so. Party activities are to include a Mummy race, a craft table (for all the little siblings to mainly enjoy), a costume contest and a scavenger hunt---which is where I've come to a mental block. I need help! Let me walk you through the hunt. They will be broken off into teams. They must all stay together and they must keep each clue from each stop.
Starting point: Clue to direct them to a tree to do a "dry" apple bob---apples will be hanging from the trees for them to retrieve. One person on each team must complete the task and then they will get the next clue, which will be tied to mini tombstones. I've got some wording to get them to the tree, but not overly in love with it.
after apple bob: leads them to the mock-up cemetery. Clue goes like this:
Now for your next test.
Visit the Graveyard of Fright
Where the Spirits have been laid to rest
Until Halloween Night.
(backdrop under a tree with one "new" grave with mounded dirt, placing a spray painted black box in the dirt with cobwebs on top so it seems like they are having to reach their hand into the grave to get their next clue, which will be tied to a small little bundle of hay---did I explain that well?)
After cemetery: to Scare Crow Row--once again wording that I'm not overly in love with. They will need one person to complete the task of finding the hidden clue amongst the scarecrows. The clue will be hidden in one of three bowls of scarecrow brains (we LOVE the Wizard of Oz movie in our house, ok!). The next clue will be tied to something to resemble a mini oil can--see where this is going?
Leave Scare Crow Row to head to the resting Tin Man on my front porch. There they will receive their clue on heart shaped stationary leading them to the final challenge....the Food Challenge!! I have NO idea what to put on the food challenge!! I don't want it to be too scary, but I want them to be a little nervous about it, too. HELP!
Once they finish the food challenge they receive a final clue leading them to the finish line. Every team will, of course, receive a prize, but first place needs something a bit more special.
My OCD is kicking in overdrive as I make my final shopping lists and select one more item for the menu so I need to get this taken care of before heading to the store one last time! I'm hoping you all have lots of suggestions!!!

Sorry for the ramble, too!! I get like that sometimes when the creative juices are starting to flow!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

ahhh, Autumn!

How I spent my Sunday:
Sunroof open, checking out the beautiful scenery of the mountains, eating boiled peanuts!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Flashback Friday

Another picture from a mere year ago. Seeing how I'm getting ready for another one of Lovebug's birthday bashes I love to reminisce about the parties past. Yes, that's yours truly enjoying the art work of our fabulous face painter. Yet another example of how much I love my Tigers!!! The best part of children's parties you ask? Besides the look of facination in not only my own children's faces as they take everything in, but the opportunity to be a kid again!!

My mojo

I'm getting my mojo back, I feel it! Yeah! It's been like walking around in a fog. Thank you all for all your kind words---I needed to hear them.

Some quick updates:

Funeral was Wednesday. It was tough. She owns all kinds of friesian horses and to go back to the farm afterwards and see the beautiful animals she so lovingly brought here was breathtaking. It was so nice to see the beauty she has helped create and know she will live on.

My parents. I've sent an email asking if they would like to see Lovebug for her birthday. I still haven't heard back. Don't know how that's going to work out. I haven't told Lovebug about it yet and I'm hoping it'll work out so she can have a reunion for her birthday. Baby steps.

I'm now in the midst of planning Lovebug's birthday extravaganza. Whoah! I'm piecing together all the elements of the scavenger hunt. It's a costume party this year so if you've got any suggestions I'm definitely up to hearing them.

I'll post again later today for my Flashback Friday...I know you ladies are hanging by a string waiting for it!!:)

Monday, October 13, 2008


After yesterday's post I felt I probably needed to explain. First the back history. I hope I can do it justice.

Hubby and I are so different in soooo many ways. However, we are also very similar in several areas. One of which is that we are both two people who practically raised ourselves as our own parents were too wrapped up in the events/drama of their own lives. I'm not pointing a finger, just stating a fact. As adults we are like two orphans. Me not having a "normal" relationship with my parents even when we are speaking. Hubby having lost his father to breast cancer a little over 8 years ago and his mother having little involvement in our lives and being more like a sibling than mother.

Flashback to Hubby moving to Clemson after leaving the Army. First night home he met his new roommate. They clicked from the very beginning. This man brought Hubby into his family. Hubby spent several holidays with them and many a weekend trip home was to their house. Fast forward now to Hubby's senior year at Clemson. Interviewing. Stopped in to visit these old friends on his way back to Clemson from Charlotte. Sitting in their garden it was decided Hubby would come and work in the family business. He was like an adopted son. This is how Hubby got his start in sales and this is why we moved to York. This family is more than just friends, but an extension of us. We are where we are today in large part due to them. Flash forward now to Sunday morning. Phone rings. The matriarch has passed. Suddenly. Too much shock for words. Too many tears to count.

Then, less than 24 hours later, another good friend contacts me to let me know that her father has too passed this weekend. Her situation with her father is like mine with my family which stirs a whole different range of emotions. I had already come to the conclusion in the past several weeks that I need to come to terms with my parents. If for no other reason, my girls. Also to be at peace with the kind of person I want to be. I know I can't change others, just how I choose to react to them. Difficult times ahead.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just throwing it out there: Today sucks monkey nuts!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Flashback Friday

So it's not a flashback from years ago, just one year. But given our game last night and how the rumor mill is working overtime about a potential firing within a week I thought it'd be best to go ahead and put this one out there. Let me say, I am deeply saddened by the way our team has preformed this year. I truly don't understand given the talent we have. This coach though, while he may not be a motivator, is a top notch guy. I will hate to see him leave.

I must add that this photograph is the one taken after I chased him down the street...after I had consumed a few adult beverages. My friend is going to kill me if she ever comes across this!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


I've received some awards lately and I promise I'm going to post them soon! Don't want you all to think that I've forgotten about the honor bestowed upon me!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Make mine a vent

This week passed by so quickly. There are a few stand out moments that I really need to address:
1. Former Friend with Benefits of Hubby--if you friend request him on Facebook and he doesn't accept it, LET IT GO! Do NOT then send him a message referring to his "short leash". Oh yes she did! This is the same "classy" lady that saw Hubby, Lovebug and myself walking down John Street in Charleston and came running as fast as she could from the restaurant she was in, with clients no less, to catch up with Hubby. After completely ignoring me while talking to MY child and MY Hubby (all the while Hubby was trying his best to include me in the conversation) and having the nerve to say in conversation in reference to Lovebug, "I wasn't asking about her Mother. I was asking about her dad." and topping it off by handing Hubby a business card to "look her up" when he was in town on business, she does this. WOW! ...and by the way, Hubby still didn't respond to her.

2. Good Friend and Whomever it May Concern--My support for Sarah Palin has nothing to do with her big boobs, looks, etc. and quite frankly it is a bit hurtful that you'd think for one instant that I would base such an important decision on such superficial issues. First, my support is for John McCain and the ideology he represents and how it relates to me and my family. I understand that your views are different and I am fine with that. I haven't once bashed your candidate. As I really don't feel that's necessary. I'm just sayin'

3. Clients--please pay your balances in a timely manner. Enough said on that issue!

4. Neighborhood Bully--still ignoring Lovebug are ya? Well, that's fine. We had a little discussion regarding this and she understands that, unfortunately, we can't be friends with everyone. I see everyday her self-esteem rise when she is playing with the other little girls in the neighborhood, especially the ones you've already been mean to and therefore are no longer allowed to play with. It was eye-opening to learn that Lovebug isn't your first victim in the neighborhood. And yes, that means I had to mention it to another mom. But I was sick.and.tired of my daughter coming home in tears wondering what was so wrong with her that you wouldn't even want to speak to her.

I'm done now with the rant! There will be a more positive post next time, promise.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Flashback Friday

Gotta love an 80's wedding complete with the blue and dusty pinkish/whatever-it-was satin bridesmaids dresses! This is my baby sister and I at our uncle's wedding. We had such a fun time that night, even in the horrible attire! I still remember standing for the receiving line, dancing, the bread being hard as little rocks, more dancing and many tears as we welcomed someone into our family that we were so excited to call our aunt. Those were the days....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Today I'm enjoying my morning home alone and my cell phone shows that I have a message. I check it and it's hear them tell me that I owe, brace yourselves, $4007!!!! DO WHAT?!!?! Small stroke later and Hubby is now at the Verizon store trying to get to the bottom of this. Mind you this would be for ONE month!! How would/could this happen?

eta: Hubby went to the Verizon store and apparently when he switched to his new phone (one of the new Blackberries) there was a package that went along with it, which he purchased. However, when they went to apply this package there was an error and they never tried again to apply it. Hence, every two minutes his phone was doing a search to update information---which totaled over 10,000 minutes in one month when added to our other calls, etc. It's worked out now, but Jesus, I think I should sue them for emotional distress!!