Sunday, January 4, 2009


As you all know, I have experienced some technical difficulties lately with the ole Acer laptop. I sent it to Best Buy, I'm not exaggerating at all when I say this, Thanksgiving weekend. The problem I was experiencing at that time was simply I couldn't get the dang thing to charge. 15 days go by. Get a call, "Your computer is ready for pick up". Whoo hoo. Everybody do the happy dance. Errttt. Not so fast. Get computer home. Still WON'T charge! Take it back the very next day. Got it back yesterday AGAIN. They are telling me there is a software issue (which is what they installed on it no less) that I need to replace. Same software, just need to replace it. It's under warranty still so do tell why you didn't update said software while my computer was in your possession. Then to top it off. Get it plugged in today and turn it on. Guess what happens. Any guesses?! Got it. IT STILL WON'T CHARGE!! How can that be software related?!?!?? Someone please explain why I still can't get a charge!! I managed to make sure my company logo is saved to a flash drive along with a couple of other things, but no where near all the idea tabs, documents, pictures, etc. that I had saved. So my bloggy friends there will still be no pictures to show of all the happenings of the holidays or Friday Flashbacks. I'm trying here. Between Best Buy and Verizon (who solved the problem Hubby had with the phone by simply turning off the internet capabilities--which is why he bought the phone in the first place, and didn't even bother to ask him if that was ok!) I'm thinking of doing a corporate boycott! Where is customer service?! I guess I just don't get it considering that is the main thing that my personal business is based on. I pray that I never get so busy or large that I think it's unnecessary to provide for my customers the absolute best service I possibly can.

Rant over...until next time!

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