Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm still alive!

Sorry I've been M.I.A.. The holidays totally kicked my butt. Not to mention, it was a little hard for me to get inspired after the 100 things about me post! Finally got my computer have it be sent back to be worked on AGAIN the very next day! So there's no pictures until it's back. ugghh! So here's some randomness to hold you over!

1. Wedding I planned the weekend before totally ROCKED!! It was my largest wedding to date and it was a great opportunity to learn for me. My client will be missed as a client, but now I am looking forward to many years of a friendship with not only her, but her little sister. Early on I had decided I wasn't going to take any clients this December due to family obligations. Then this lovely lady was given my information by one of my besties. Bestie calls and gives me a heads up and tells me the bride's story. Her mother was terminally ill and chances were she wasn't even going to be alive to see her beautiful daughter walk down the aisle. That's all it took. I sought her as a client and she agreed. From the very beginning she has spoken to my heart and I can only hope that one day my lovely ladies are as gracious she has been especially given her circumstances. Her mother passed just a little over a month prior to the wedding. Thankfully on the wedding end, I was able to help alleviate some of the stress while they were busy dealing with their loss. I was and am truly honored to have my name and my business associated with this wedding. It was beautiful and people had a blast!

2. High school Christmas party happened on the 23rd. 3 short days after wedding above and only 2 days before Christmas...I must love to torture myself! With that being said, we had the best time playing Rock Band 2 on the Wii!! We always do guys versus girls and it always makes for great laughs! I am so fortunate to have so many friends that have shared so many years of my life with me. They know the back history of the Wife so there is never that need to explain. They just accept it, love me and have become family that I have chosen for myself. This year I was extremely surprised when my friends presented me with a gratitude box. Friends from near and far were sent a list of questions/sentences to complete about me and our memories and friendship. I was moved to tears as I read some of their answers. Undoubtedly, I am an extremely honest person so if that's what you are looking for in a friend then I'm your girl!:)

3. Hubby and I had our first movie date night since before Baby Girl was born last night. Saw 4 Christmases--Loved it! It's easy in the hustle and bustle to forget how important something as simple as going to the movies together is to your relationship.

4. After the movies we met up with one of the high school friends and his wife and Little Brother that were all still "home" for the holidays to watch the UFC fight (which is a whole other bag of chips, but can we all just agree that the men that chose that as a profession surely CANNOT be the brightest bulbs in the box!?). I noticed some other folks that had gone to our high school about the same time as the Little Brother did. Little Brother was one of those that, even though he hung out with the "right" folks in high school, got picked on by those guys that just thought that was the thing to do. Well, obviously those same guys haven't grown up a damn bit in all the years since HS! We were at Hooters (I don't want to hear it! Remember we were watching UFC!) and two of these super "mature" and "cool" guys were at another table and decided to send a server over to Little Brother. Shy Little Brother got extremely embarrassed as the server went on about so and so said, blah, blah, blah. The Wife being who she is let Little Brother flail for a brief moment before I stepped in and called the little punks liars to her and then turned around in the middle of the restaurant and called them out in front of everybody. Yeah, the laughter quickly stopped. I know to these guys HS was probably their glory days and nothing will ever compare. Damn, I had a fantastic time in high school too. But thank the good Lord above, that was only the beginning. It's time for some folks to move on and GROW UP!!

5. Dear American Girl franchise,
Speaking as a mother who refused for over a year to buy Lovebug one of your extremely
adorable, but very expensive dolls and made her learn a life lesson of saving your money to
be able to afford something, could you please look into giving adults walking into your store
with their lovely ladies a copy of Emily Post ( or any book for that matter that discusses
manners or etiquette) and a nice, strong cocktail?! I'm sure you would see a spike in profits.
I'm just sayin'.

Enough with the randomness! Hope I didn't bore you to tears!

ETA: Number 5 looks a lot different than how I typed it! Blogger is killing me today! It's also showing that I don't follow any blogs and of course, I do!!


amy (metz) walker said...

Blogger was acting kinda weird today! I'm wanting pictures of said amazing wedding...hint hint!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for following my blog! I can't wait to read more of what you write. You have a great sense of humor!

Busy Mom said...

What a busy holiday season for you!! Hope now you can kick back and enjoy the rest of the season.

April said...

Hey! Glad to hear your wedding was a huge success. Want to see some pics!! Hope you guys are well and hope to see you soon...

Hollie said...

hope to see the pics soon!

funny post!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Thanks for sending the truffle recipe...we made them and OH MY GOODNESS...they were fabulous!