Saturday, January 24, 2009

a favor

Could you all go over to Happiness and send my little sister some love. Her Hubby heads out for yet another deployment in less than a week. And to remind you that is the 6th, yes 6th, deployment. I could so easily go into a rant right now about the events that have taken place this week that basically counteracts the work and efforts of so many of our servicemen and women. But I will refrain. Instead I am choosing to put that energy towards MY family that has chosen to make a personal sacrifice for this country. I will put my energy towards holding my sister up during this time. I will put my energy towards saying daily prayers for my BIL that he doesn't get injuried...again. I will put my energy in trying to be tolerant of those whose opinions aren't the same as my own.

Love you Little Sister and I will be out to visit you soon and will hopefully bring you a ray of Southern Sunshine during this time!! And Sweet P, thank you...and try not to get gimped up on us this time!:) Love you too!


Katy said...

I know how hard deployments can be. I'm looking at possibly not having family members at my wedding because of it. :-( They already missed my high school graduation from the second round.

If you want to play the letter game you can have the letter L.

Jennifer said...

I love to find other bloggers that love The Real Housewives of OC. I thought that her cuff bracelets were okay, but nothing special. I mean I could have made it if she did! I thought it was completely messed up that she was paying her daughter to come up with ideas for bracelets and then taking all the credit for it!!!