Sunday, January 4, 2009


How many times do you think I have to mention Best Buy, Geek Squad or Verizon in my blog for it to show up on google in a search? Wonder if they have people who look this stuff up online? I'm just going to throw a sentence in every post here for a while about them--it may be a non-sense sentence, but considering that I'm dealing with a bunch of non-sense it won't matter. I have cooled down a good bit in the past couple of hours. At the end of the day the reason I got so upset is because (besides suffering from computer withdrawals while Hubby travels) I need the services of both my cell phone and computer. Not for just the simple entertainment of personal needs, but also for my business. I work from home. My cell number is my contact as well as my business email, which I will not have access to this week since Hubby will be on the road again. I also manage my own website. I need to update this website to add new information and pictures. This is really putting me in a pickle and my patience is really wearing thin. But enough already. Tomorrow is a new day and AGAIN we will deal with it.

I realized after my rant I never posted about NYE or any post Christmas festivities. Whooh did we have fun for NYE. Went to a friends house to enjoy some margaritas and play the Wii. I cannot tell you (how many margaritas I had) how sore I was the next day after boxing!! What a workout! I keep telling Hubby we need to get a Wii, but I think we would become two worthless human beings---with great bodies.:) We spent the night with our friends as to not drink and drive and not be on the road with other idiots that decide to drink and drive.
The next morning we got up and headed home to start our beans for the traditional New Year's meal. You know the one. Black eyed peas, collard greens, some pork, and cornbread. It's supposed to bring money to you in the new year. While we aren't rolling around in beds stuffed with money every night we are definitely blessed. We also had to get ready to watch our Tigers play. That didn't quite go as planned. Still love them though and am looking forward to see what next season brings.
On the 2nd we were invited to an Oyster Roast, which is one of my favorite things in the world! Left Baby Girl at home with a sitter while we took Lovebug with us. We had the best time and the caterers that did the food really knew what they were doing! Yummy!! Yesterday both lovely ladies went with us to the Clemson basketball game. Lovebug gets to go with Hubby every year for one as a "date". Baby Girl and I decided to tag along for this one. It was the first time taking her and she kept talking about how "awesome" it was! I loved it! On our way out we saw the Tiger Cub and had the opportunity to pose for a quick picture--not that I can show you now, but I will soon, promise!. Baby Girl was a little scared of him, but of course, Love Bug was all about it!!
I feel like we were at full speed this entire break. I'm almost looking forward to setting the alarm clock and getting back into my regularly scheduled life. almost.


April said...

Bummer...not at all ready to set the alarm. not at all.

The Tyler Hayes said...

I found your blog post through an automated blog search I run daily, specifically for "geek squad." Obviously, I got the alert the same day you posted your comment. So, I'm sure if I see it, then they will see it :)

All the best,
Owner, The Simple Service

Jennifer said...

I left you something on my blog!

Hollie said...

i know what you mean about almost wanting to get back to routine...even if it does include going to work, etc.

and i just saw that you left a comment a while back on my blog about me always looking 'put together'. that made me smile but also laugh because I really feel 'thrown together' most of the time! but your sweet words put a grin on my face!