Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little Sister

Dear Little Sister,

Today I reach all the way across this great country of ours and wrap my arms around you. Today I am a shoulder for you to cry on. Today I strive to make you laugh at least once. (I may even aggravate you on purpose just to divert your mind!) Most importantly, today Little Sister, I say a prayer for you and your family that Sweet P's absence goes by quickly, that he comes back home to you safely and that each day you view a piece of him while watching little Sweet P.

I love you,
Your Big Sister


Happiness is Here! said...

I love you Big Sister! Thanks for turning on the water works! As if they weren't already on!! I will call you when the goodbyes are over....UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!

Mrs. Big said...

Wow, we totally are on the opposite ends eh? I'm so ready for this stuff to be over and our boys to be able to stay home with their families...
Your sister is definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I wish him a speedy and very safe return home.

Mrs. Big

April said...

Praying for a speedy and safe return. I do not know how they do it...stay strong little sis!
Who could understand the extent of their sacrifice? I cannot. I can only pray they know words cannot express how much they are appreciated!

Southern Belle said...

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