Friday, January 23, 2009

Flashback Friday

Noooo, the computer is NOT back from Best Buy yet. It is now in the process of being shipped back from the manufacturer to Best Buy. Cross your fingers it is A. in full working order and B. still has all my saved information on it! With that being said, this is a picture of the ceremony of my December bride. She put it on Facebook (or as I affectionately like to call it, Crackbook) and I downloaded it onto the Hubby's work computer. A no-no? Yes, I'm sure. But I wanted to be able to finally share a picture. This church was BEAUTIFUL!! The photographer could have done so many great things with it. If you are ever looking for a photographer in the Greenville area send me an email and I can recommend some wonderful people to you and I can make one reference as who I, personally, would not use. Either way, I think the wedding itself was fantastic and from all that I've heard from people, the guests all had a great time.
Happy Weekend!!


Just Ask Beth said...

I didn't realize how well cabbage and sweet potatoes go with wine!! Cabbage 0 points add hot sauce, sweet pot 3 points good by itself and 5 glasses of wine 10 points LOL! Dang a 13 point meal and I haven't gone over WOW!

CarolinaGirl said...

That looks just like my old church First Pres!