Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lightening strikes!

Please forgive my appearance, but this made my day today!! I happen to be in the same place as Lightening himself (aka. CJ Spiller!) and HAD to have my picture made with him!! He was such a good sport about it and giggled at my crazy lady self! I informed him that I would appreciate a shout out Saturday after his first touchdown and went as far as let him know where my seats are located so he could aim my shout out in my direction! Oh yes ladies I did!! It gets worse, as I told him that how every time I wear my jersey we lose!! I also informed him of how I chased his coach down the road one evening, on foot no less, so I could get a picture made with him. WHY?...I wasn't kidding when I say I've got spirit! When I got home I let Hubby know that this picture would be put in his future man-land as we can look back and giggle at my stalker self having her picture made with what I'm sure is going to be a great professional athlete! Go Tigers...and thanks for being such a great sport CJ!!


Kristen said...

I love all these pictures you've been posting! I'm sure your little ladies had a great time at the parade!

Ps. You're a HOT mama!!!

Belle said...

I can't wait to tell my daughter...she will DIE as she is stalking him around campus because she wants to have HER picture made with him. One of her friends literally ran into him the first week of school and when she told her dad his response was, "you didn't HURT HIM did you!!!???

The wife said...

You are too sweet!!

Tell you daughter he gets his hair cut in Seneca--he and Thunder were both there, but I only saw some Lightening--this time!:)

The Pink Owl said...

Ummm....I'm jealous!! Love it! I have met him before and he is a sweetie! Cute picture!

ilovepink said...

I am so jealous!!!! I would have chased him down too!