Monday, September 15, 2008

Body in Motion!

Today, for the first time ever, I played racquetball with Hubby. If you were at my Y this morning, I apologize for the screaming coming from the racquetball court. I am not afraid to admit, it scared the shiot out of me!!! Of course why wouldn't it? Box like room, a darting rubber ball, my lack of grace= a very good chance someone (ie. me) is bound to get hurt!! Hubby enjoyed laughing at me. I personally think he was getting some sick pleasure out of watching me contort my body just dodging that stupid blue ball! God help him when I get better at it is all I'm sayin'.


Pink Flamingo said...

Too funny! I haven't played racquet ball w/ DH since college...I wasn't so lucky and got pegged with the ball in my shin. Boy did it ever leave a mark...more like a welt!!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

HaHa I am seriously doubled over at my desk laughing (and hoping no one notices)! DW and I played this game exactly once before I got drilled in the back and gave it up forever! He loves it...I hate it!

And even though I totally thought I was a fit person at the time, I was SO sore from running around!


The wife said...

I vow to get better so Hubby gets a taste of his own medicine!! I already threatened to beat him with the racquet because he kept yelling at me, "Hit the ball!".