Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seat Equity?

... yeah, I'm calling BS on that one, because truth be told, that's not exactly how it worked out! I'm a little "upset" right now to say the least. Upped our contribution in hopes of the family getting to all be together and nope it didn't f*in happen. But, oh, what's that? Leather skin man and his family who always try to squeeze 6 people in 4 seats only gave $280 for their contribution and guess what? That's right, they with not a toddler to handle among them, will all get to enjoy those wonderful Football Saturdays, together, as a family. I'm a woman scorned!!!

I would like to add that our contribution, lest some of you believe we gave the minimal amount, was almost 10 times Leather Skins!! Do you realize what I could have done with that money!!??!

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