Monday, July 21, 2008

More for Monday

Hubby and the new "Lady" headed out this evening and won't be seen again until Friday. I'm not jealous this time, as most of his trip will be spent in Detroit, which isn't high on my travel wish list. And that brings me to my More for Monday wish list:
  • I wish for two more hours in every day.
  • I wish children stayed little for just a bit longer--why do they have so few years being sweet babies and so many years having the stresses and worries of school, work, etc? Not fair!
  • I wish for more time in Charleston. It is my all time favorite place to be (with the exception of Clemson on game days!) and I just don't seem to get there enough lately.
  • A lake house would be nice
  • Or a beach house. I would take either.
  • The ability to travel through time.
  • More rain!
  • I wish for a clean car--for longer than a day!
  • I wish for perfect hair everyday.
  • For a photographic memory so all these little moments don't slip away from me as I get older, because truth be told, there is no way at this point I'm going to catch up on all the scrapbooking!!

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Monogramchick said...

Happy Birthday! What a great new addition, hopefully she'll serve you as well as 319,000 did!