Friday, July 3, 2009

Tiffiney and Sweet Sadie

I'm asking all of you to please say a prayer today for my friend (and very talented photographer) Tiffiney. Tiffiney is the photographer that I've shown on here a couple of times that has taken the MOST precious pictures of the lovely ladies. She is the person that I trust above all else to capture the wonder and essence of my daughters' childhoods on paper so that when the day comes and I'm missing all this I can pick up a picture and see so crystal clear their youth. She came into my life simply as a photographer that a friend of mine had recommended right after I had Birdie. As the years have gone by she has become much more. Now, I am proud to call her a close friend. And for my close friend I ask for your prayers. Tiffiney is 25 weeks pregnant with her own lovely lady, Sadie. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning Tiff started experiencing contractions 7 minutes apart. Wednesday she went to the doctor and that landed her where she is now, in the hospital in preterm labor. At this moment, she is stable and it truly is proof of the power of prayer.

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Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Blessings on Tiffany and her sweet baby girl.