Wednesday, July 15, 2009

opinions please

Latest vendor issue (there seems to be one for every event and I have already discovered who the loose canon will be on this upcoming event). I have a bride whom I made several appointments for. One of these appointments was with a florist. Not my first pick florist, but the first two picks were unavailable. This particular florist I have never worked with before, however she left me a message several months ago wanting me to refer work to her with the pretense that she would do the same for me. A tit for tat situation I guess you could say. She didn't leave a web address for me to look at and at that time I was too busy to schedule a meeting. Without the quick pics to look at I wasn't referring anyone to her. Until now. Bride called and hadn't booked the first thing...for a wedding 3 months away. Date selected? Huge football weekend here. Are you picking up on some of the challenges? Meet with the florist. Not overly impressed, but I figured I could make it work. Mom of the Bride jumps the gun and goes ahead and gives a deposit so we are locked in anyway. My Bride contacts me today to let me know that another event planner contacted her letting her know that she would be helping the florist and wanted to go over the event with her. My thoughts? WTH!! Your thoughts?

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