Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week in Review

Good grief, it's been a busy week here in the Old Faithful household! Hubby was out of town until Wednesday evening. During his absence we were ladies on the go! Wednesday morning started with us waiting in line for some CJ Spiller for Heisman posters...yes, I waited in line with both the lovely ladies, for an hour no less, for a poster. They weren't supposed to start handing them out until 10a.m., but when we pulled into the Bi-Lo parking lot at 9:05 folks were already walking out with them and the line was already out the entrance and all the way to the road! Ended up walking away with TWO of the little jewels--if it tells you anything, I was offered money for one of them before even making it back to the car. Many, many errands later we finally were home. Nap time missed. Ugghh! By the time Hubby got home the lovely ladies and I were almost ready to walk back out the door to Preview night at the new Children's Museum opening here in the Upstate. It is FANTASTIC!! However, the no nap and all the stimulation= some grumpy girls...including the Wife! Thursday, started with the monthly dr's visit and it's official, Baby Faithful will be delivered on November 5th. I made the doctor go through his calendar until then and go ahead and schedule me. When he asked why that date, being the planner that I am, I let him know that A. it would put Lovebug and Baby's birthday at least a little apart. B. That is a Thursday so it wouldn't disrupt the school week as much and C. I can come home on Sunday and watch the Clemson/Florida St. game--yes, I am die hard! Already thinking of how I can incorporate my orange in my coming home outfit! The rest of the day was spent working on a surprise shower for Tiffiney! Baking, floral arrangements, note cards, all the little things to make it special for such a special person and her sweet baby (who is now on steroids to get her lungs good and strong so she can get off that vent!). Friday I was at her studio all day witnessing the MOST gracious outpouring of love and generosity from people, some of which don't even know Tiffiney. That night her family and I surprised her when we showed up with all her gifts and all the envelopes full of money that folks had given her. It really does the heart good to be part of something like that! And of course, seeing the surprise on Tiffiney's face was priceless! Today has been packing, packing, packing. Now, I'm counting down the last 14 minutes of being turn 29 again!:) Tomorrow, beach bound!!!
Sorry for the rambling. That seems to be how my head works these days. Worst case of baby brain EVER!


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

...and how was the birthday???
...and where can I get me one of those CJ posters?

MGBHLH said...

I am sooo very jealous that you got a poster of Spiller. I asked the manager of one of the Bi-Lo's here in Cola to see (pretty please) if he could try and get me one or two. I need one for office needs a little Spiller Time Magic.

Again - sooo jealous!