Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sex and the City...

While I'm still feeling yucky today I'm pulling myself up by the bootstraps and heading to the Queen City for a charity fashion show. The featured piece? The wedding gown that Carrie Bradshaw donned for her wedding to Big!!! A girlfriend and I are heading up early to help with ticket sales. After we finish our work post we will be people watching in the VIP section. This Wife is super is excited!! I am taking the camera and will try to get some pictures to post.

side note: How many Halls do you think a person can consume in one day before it's harmful to their body?! If it weren't for the Invisalign I would have one in my mouth nonstop right now--that can't be good for you!

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MGBHLH said...

I am sooo jealous! Take lots of pictures and post everyone of them. PLEAZ!!!