Tuesday, March 31, 2009

growing up...

I have been MIA lately and I have no real excuse as to why. I got back from Seattle and have been struggling with a terrible case of insomnia. I have a doctor's appointment in two weeks. I am pretty certain I already know the cause, but I'll wait to see what the doctor says.

The past few days I've been watching Baby Girl. Really watching her. How is she such a big girl already? We are working on potty training and she is getting to where she doesn't even want to put a diaper on. She doesn't sit in the high chair anymore and she has taken up drinking in a "big girl" cup. And the things that she says. Oh how my heart melts. In the morning she loves to crawl into bed with me. She'll roll over and start rubbing my face and will say, "I love you Mommy". Another thing she likes to tell the Hubby and I is that we're her "best friend". So with all these changes I think it's only fitting that I officially change her nickname from Baby Girl to Birdie...because she is ready to start spreading her wings and learning how to fly. Oh to be a proud Mommy, with a breaking heart.

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southerncollegegirl said...

So sweet! Since Baby Girl is so grown up you could always try for another little one... :)