Friday, March 6, 2009

Flashback Friday

I'm dreaming of blue skies, blue seas and a salty breeze on my face...of course a fruity cocktail in the hand would be awfully nice too!! Hubby and I, along with six other friends, took a week long vacation to Cozumel 4th of July week back in 2000. Loved it!! Only thing odd for me was not being in the good ole US of A to celebrate Independence Day.

side note: PLEASE excuse the extremely brassy blond locks on my head! I went in for some highlights the week before our trip and they.messed.up...big! I refused to leave the salon after the first round of color and this is what I ended up looking like after the 2nd try. Seeing that I was in a wedding the very next day and I didn't want my hair to start falling out I decided to leave well enough alone.

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