Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

While the snow you are bestowing among the Upstate of my lovely state is quite beautiful, I believe Ms. Nature you may need to take a look at a calendar. Mine says March 1st, which logically means we are past the point for such winter weather. My tulips have begun pushing their way up through the ground. My cherry trees are starting to form little buds. Add to that, this is the busiest week I've had since the holiday season and well, this area is known to completely shut down at the first sign of winter weather. You must stop this madness!

The Wife


Katy said...


This is crazy. A nice break from school, but it's like mother nature is pulling a March Fools joke on us.

Happiness is Here! said...

HA! Welcome to my world!!

Pink Flamingo said...

I couldn't agree more!! I am SO ready for spring to arrive. :)