Monday, March 2, 2009


Don't have anything good for you today. Just a bunch of ramblings about my comings and goings lately. Last Friday I was invited to my very first book club ever (we read The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. recommend it if you are looking for a easy read. has a slow start for me, but can relate to the soldier, because, hello Hubby is a Veteran and the BIL). I was a little nervous at first as I am on the shy side when I am put in a room full of folks I don't know and I will be expected to be in the spotlight with all eyes and ears on me. HOWEVER, there was a lot more wine drinking and food eaten (which led to recipe swapping) than "book talking". This my friends is the club for me!

Saturday morning I was awaken by Baby Girl (who is starting to take to the nickname Birdie--more on that later!) at the spry hour of 5:15! WTH!? I had just gotten home at 12:45! Thankfully, Lovebug's soccer practice was cancelled due to the crappy ole weather and I got to hang out and lounge for a bit before a Mommy/Daughter day running errands with Lovebug. That child was in some serious need for some new tennis shoes and we just made a day of it.

Sunday aka the day of rest....I had to go to the grocery store for our week's supply. I did this when.every.other.tom.dick.and.harry were making a run for their milk and bread! Good times? I think not! After fighting the crowds and running in the icky sleet/rain mix I was ready to come back home and nestle down. Positive note for the day--I saved right at $40 in coupons! Love it!!

Today school was cancelled because of the said icky weather which ended up dropping around 5 inches of snow on us as well and we woke up to no power! I thank the good Lord above for gas logs, gas hot water heaters, and a gas stove. Hubby made us all a fantastic steak, red bell pepper and goat cheese omelet and we enjoyed coffee from the french press! Now the power's back on, looks like school is a go tomorrow, the white stuff is melting away and all is right in the world!

Tomorrow brings the Junior League Open House which I have decided to attend. I want to make a decision on joining after I get a feel for the group. I am also in the "I'm hosting a shower in my house this weekend" mode which means LOTS of running around for me! If you all have read this far, bless you! Hope I didn't bore you to tears! It'll be better next time (or the time after that!), I promise!

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MGBHLH said...

Go to EdVenture. It is worth 1 trip. Some of the exhibits were alittle too advanced for him (he's just 3) - and some were too young. The grocery store - too girlie and too young. The Eddie exhibit where you can climb into him and go inside his body sort of spooked him at first - then off he went down the slide. Snowville - a bust. I do not understand what the hype is all about. A machine blows fake snow on the kids and they pretend ride a snowmobile.

It was fun for 2 hours on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Next time - Discovery Place in Charlotte. I LOVE that place. It makes me want to be a kid again.