Saturday, November 1, 2008

stop the madness

Let me begin with, we had the BEST time in Charleston for Halloween. The girls enjoyed trick or treating around the Battery and I enjoyed the rare opportunity to get a little peek inside the homes!:) After our hour of going door to door, we met up with my long lost friend and her cutie patootie boyfriend at Rue de Jean--LOVE it! We have been there several times and I've yet to have a bad meal. Fried goat cheese salad, sushi, oysters on the half shell, lobster tail, chocolate pate, chocolate martini, Shug wine---yum, yum, yum!!! Lovebug wasn't acting herself at dinner, but I honestly thought she was enjoying the attention from it. I was wrong...more on that in a bit! We all left dinner and hopped on rickshaws (one of my favorite modes of transportation!) and headed towards the Market to start our ghost walk tour. Lovebug made sure she was front and center with our guide so she could hear everything he said. That child is like a little sponge soaking up information!! We all walked to our hotel after the tour was over---at 11!! (Hubby had already made an exit with Baby Girl to go put her to bed, thank goodness!)

On our way back to our hotel we passed the fire department where they were giving out candy. They were SO sweet to Lovebug and even let her get up in the fire truck after letting her help herself to as much candy as she wanted and a fireman's hat!! After we thanked them for their service and got out of their hair we continued our walk which included a stop at a convenience store, where my sweet Lovebug paid it forward! She offered up her goods to the folks working the Halloween holiday to help spread some cheer! She also offered a treat to the police officer sitting outside the store and you could just tell how shocked he was by the offer! I was so proud of her! We were lucky enough to be placed in a two bedroom suite at the hotel so were able to continue the evening with our friends until 2 in the morning!!
Woke up today and guess whose stomach virus decided to rear it's ugly head again? Lovebug's!! Mind you, I didn't let her enjoy one single piece of her candy because I wanted to make sure she was out of the woods for one solid day before consuming all that sugar! After several potty breaks we were finally able to get out of the hotel and enjoy some brunch at Hominy Grill. Lovebug couldn't even make herself eat a bite of banana bread, but she still wanted to walk around a little and enjoy the beautiful weather and take in Charleston. We returned to some of the sites from our ghost tour and did a little window shopping and then headed to the car. We had every intention of driving out to Kiawah. We were almost there and it happened....Lovebug threw up all over the back seat!!!! After pulling over, putting on the hazards, doing a clothes change, wipe down all surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes we turned that car around and headed home!! She still feels awful now! We have NEVER had an illness take up residence like this in our home and I'm ready for our visitor to leave, like yesterday!

eta: Baby Girl is obviously Tigger, while Lovebug is a dentist. And yes I did a very quick wardrobe change between the trick or treating and dinner. I decided the heels weren't cutting it!!


The Pink Owl said...

What a sweet Lovebug you have! Sending feel better vibes her way!

Nelly said...

thanks for leaving the sweet message on my blog. I hope I have children as precious as yours one day and, ideally, I would like to live close enough to Charleston to take them trick-or-treating in the Battery!! -- Not to bring him up, but ex goes to the Citadel so I spent A LOT of Charleston visiting him and even lived there 2 summers ago!

Just Ask Beth said...

I hope LOVEBUG is on the mend, I was just thinking today, knock on wood, we have not had an illness to date this year, minus little colds and allergies! watch them all barf tonight!LOL! Look at baby girls face in this photo, looking up at Lovebug, CUTE!! Way to go DABO!