Wednesday, November 19, 2008


First, how in the world did I miss the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night? I must've broke free from my addiction, but I really don't want to at this point. Now I've got to get caught up again before the reunion show, which I just saw a clip of and may I say once again, "meow"!

Second, I attended the Clemson Homecoming game last weekend. Let me rephrase that. I tailgated at the Clemson Homecoming game last weekend. We had a sitter stay here with Baby Girl and Hubby took Lovebug in. We gave one of our friends our other two tickets so he could go in with his daughter who had never been to a Clemson game. I proceeded to stay in the parking lot and indulge in the liquid diet. Then I caught a ride on over to the Esso Club with one of the staff driving around on a golf cart. My friends and I proceeded to sing Mr Gary a cute little tune that goes something like this, "Oh hot da@*....". (Mr Gary said he would pick us up in an hour and he never showed. Hmmm, do you think he was afraid his ears would start to bleed?) I ran into some folks from high school (always a blast) and experienced my very first tequila shot. Yes, you read correctly. I have never had a tequila shot and you know what? I don't think I've been missing anything. That stuff can just stay in my margaritas thank you very much!! After it was all said and done I had the best time! My roomies and I posed for several pictures. Some of my high school peeps and I that I don't visit with enough posed for pictures. And I, my friends, added something else to my do NOT do list. Do NOT under any circumstances facebook while intoxicated and think the pictures are hilarious. They won't be as funny in the morning! I promise.

Finally, I honestly think I've put too much on my plate for the next month. I really have to question my sanity at times. Here's the run down beginning next Tuesday--pick Lovebug up from school to immediately start the drive towards West Palm to spend our very first Thanksgiving EVER with Hubby's mother (don't ask!). Stop somewhere on the way to sleep. Get up on Wednesday and finish the drive. I've asked only to get the opportunity to at least drive down Worth Avenue--cross your fingers that this happens. Wednesday/Thursday--family, family and more family time. Friday--drive the ENTIRE 10 hours home with a stop at the grocery store once we get close to buy the perishable items needed to tailgate the next day. Saturday-out of town guests arrive, Clemson/Carolina game--this is our BIGGEST game of the season and it is BIG time party. You need to be prepared to bring your game...or stay home! Sunday-recover and begin the real holiday decorating. Monday-Bridal consult/vendor meeting Tuesday thru Friday get house ready for the first holiday party of the season at my house where Mr and Mrs Santa will make an appearance to read to all the children. Must have a small gift for each child here and wrapped as well as a craft for them to do plus all the cooking involved. Ok, I've got to stop now and just focus on one day at a time!! But if you don't hear from me at least you know a little of what's going on!

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K. said...

I'm begging you to post a few pictures from your weekend! Tequila shots and me DO NOT go well together... I can't even drink margaritas anymore!

Again, post a few pictures! PLEASE!