Monday, November 24, 2008


I got one tree up and mostly decorated. The lovely ladies still need to put their ornaments they each received this year on there and then it will be complete. My house is an absolute train wreck. I have Christmas stuff everywhere and I have yet to pack anything. And here I sit. Blogging. Hubby just left with Lovebug and Baby Girl to take them to dinner and bring me back something to give me a chance to get stuff done. How mad do you think he would be if he came home to me still sitting here on my arse?


P said...

I got my tree up today, too. No ornaments. Just a tree sitting there. I also realized today that in our new house here, I have no place to put the tree. I ended up putting it in the dining room of all places and this is after I drug the heavy thing around the house for an hour.

Happiness is Here! said...

Glad to see you getting your Christmas Decorations out early! I am sure it looks wonderful! Wish that I could be there to help! Or you could come help me here!! Wanna fly to Seattle for a weekend to decorate ANOTHER tree?

The wife said...

Baby Sister you are too funny! I will be doing my other 3 next week and that will be plenty for me this holiday season! Wish you could be here too!!