Friday, November 14, 2008

Flashback Friday

Yeah for Clemson Homecoming! Boo for the rain! This weekend I'll be enjoying the company of several of my old roommates for Clemson Homecoming. I was never a student there, but I shared two different apartments with some fantastic ladies and tomorrow (if the weather doesn't keep them all away!) I will get to see some of them. We used to have the best time just being together. Nothing like a warm spring/fall day (especially a Thursday) to have an impromptu gathering! The picture above is 2 of my roomies and I at the Clemson/Carolina game 1997. In my "completely sober" state I spotted a hot air balloon in the distance and went to find it. After my first little ride I went back to gather the troops and take them all on a little excursion. Well, after we had gone up briefly we came back down to get out and the wind caught the balloon...with me still in it and one of these ladies risked life and limb and leapt back onto the basket trying to hold it down as we started going in the air!! Now I can laugh about it. Ok, I laughed about it moments after it happened and we were all safely back on the ground! That's friendship...and not the toxic kind!!


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Thank goodness the rain cleared but we were COLD up there in row X on the south side.

A Belle and her Beau said...

i have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride!! hope you had a wonderful weekend and the weather held out for you!!