Sunday, October 26, 2008

Party, throw up and all the fun stuff!

The birthday shindig was yesterday and it was a huge success. I would post pictures, however I did not take one.single.picture! Can you believe that? I did, however, have a photographer here to take in all the action and I will post some pictures as soon as she has them ready. Hell, who am I kidding? Even if I had taken pictures yesterday I probably wouldn't be posting today due to the fact that I'm EXHAUSTED! Another post later today to explain why Hubby went to Wally World at two a.m. and to marvel at the fact that Lovebug is seven today!

sidenote: Lovebug is spending several hours with my parents today. They never responded to my email so Hubby called them to see if they would like to see her today and he is gone now to meet them to do the child swap. She is super excited and that is all that counts today.

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