Monday, October 20, 2008

Party prep

Lovebug turns 7 on Sunday and we are throwing her the biggest party she's had to date. Wife here must of been hitting the hard liquor the day I thought it would be just fine to invite 39, yes that is a 3 followed by a 9, little people to my house! I knew this was the last big birthday party we were having for her for quite a few years so I guess I wanted to blow it out. Anywho, we are doing it up with a Halloween theme this year and it's the first time doing so. Party activities are to include a Mummy race, a craft table (for all the little siblings to mainly enjoy), a costume contest and a scavenger hunt---which is where I've come to a mental block. I need help! Let me walk you through the hunt. They will be broken off into teams. They must all stay together and they must keep each clue from each stop.
Starting point: Clue to direct them to a tree to do a "dry" apple bob---apples will be hanging from the trees for them to retrieve. One person on each team must complete the task and then they will get the next clue, which will be tied to mini tombstones. I've got some wording to get them to the tree, but not overly in love with it.
after apple bob: leads them to the mock-up cemetery. Clue goes like this:
Now for your next test.
Visit the Graveyard of Fright
Where the Spirits have been laid to rest
Until Halloween Night.
(backdrop under a tree with one "new" grave with mounded dirt, placing a spray painted black box in the dirt with cobwebs on top so it seems like they are having to reach their hand into the grave to get their next clue, which will be tied to a small little bundle of hay---did I explain that well?)
After cemetery: to Scare Crow Row--once again wording that I'm not overly in love with. They will need one person to complete the task of finding the hidden clue amongst the scarecrows. The clue will be hidden in one of three bowls of scarecrow brains (we LOVE the Wizard of Oz movie in our house, ok!). The next clue will be tied to something to resemble a mini oil can--see where this is going?
Leave Scare Crow Row to head to the resting Tin Man on my front porch. There they will receive their clue on heart shaped stationary leading them to the final challenge....the Food Challenge!! I have NO idea what to put on the food challenge!! I don't want it to be too scary, but I want them to be a little nervous about it, too. HELP!
Once they finish the food challenge they receive a final clue leading them to the finish line. Every team will, of course, receive a prize, but first place needs something a bit more special.
My OCD is kicking in overdrive as I make my final shopping lists and select one more item for the menu so I need to get this taken care of before heading to the store one last time! I'm hoping you all have lots of suggestions!!!

Sorry for the ramble, too!! I get like that sometimes when the creative juices are starting to flow!


Caffeine Court said...

Wow, you are ambitious. No suggestions, I'm too tired from reading all your plans!

Amy said...

You are cracking me up. Sorry, no suggestions though from me either! Sounds like you have enough to do without any help!