Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Looking for a change

The Faithful Family have decided to put our home on the market come Spring!!  Eek!  We want to build a cottage farmhouse, but can't move forward with that dream until we are out of this home.  This has been a dream of our's for some time and with Lovebug only getting older we knew we wanted to be in a new home in time for her to have many happy memories there and for it to feel like "home" when the day comes she heads out on her own.  To say I am a little nervous is an understatement, but I am completely faithful in God's timing and know things will happen as they should.  I'm also dreading the constant cleaning up after the little people (and a messy Hubby!), but I know that is just part of the process. The last time we sold a house we managed to do it in one week, but I only had one child to clean up after and take care of at the time.  If any of you have recently purchased or sold a home, any tips or words of wisdom you would like to share would be greatly appreciated! 

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