Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2 months

Today Macho Man is two months old. I absolutely can NOT believe he has been with us that long, but at the same time I am at that place where memories of a time without him are fuzzy. He is picking his sweet little head up and trying to look around at the world around him and figure it out. His favorite time is spent without clothes on--Lord help us as he gets older! He is also quite the ladies man, always saving the big smiles and giggles for his Mommy. And his sisters ADORE him! Birdie had such a hard time when she came to the hospital and met him for the first time. She truly had her heart set on having a baby sister and as soon as she found out we had a boy she wanted to go home. She wouldn't even come give me a hug or barely touch Macho Man. It broke my heart!! Now she is big sister extraordinaire. And Lovebug is just a little Mommy looking out for him. Macho Man is a fussy little fella when the sun goes down and he is not a fan of sleeping by himself. And I am convinced that if I had 10 children every single one of them would have reflux issues that would be a source of great stress for me!!! Regardless, he is so super sweet and like a lump of sugar for me to love on.

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southerncollegegirl said...

Glad all is well! He'll be a year old before you know it!