Sunday, October 11, 2009

school projects

Will someone please let me know when school projects became so dang complicated?! Lovebug is in 2nd grade and we are currently working on a project folder that must include a picture/decoration of the animal she is researching, a paragraph of characteristics of the animal as well as illustrations of these characteristics and then a paragraph of the habitat along with illustrations of the habitat. The back of the folder is a list of questions regarding the animal and then there is to be a fictional paragraph regarding Lovebug and the animal (which for her is a flamingo). She has to get up and give a presentation of all the information she has found regarding flamingos. I now know more about flamingos than I ever thought possible. Is this the norm now?

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MGBHLH said...

Second Grade???? Granted, it was a very long time ago, but I do not remember doing anything like that in the 2nd grade - 4th grade maybe..well I wish you two good luck - a flamingo is a great animal to do a report I love the color - pink.

I also love the nursery - love the yellow.