Tuesday, June 16, 2009

snip its

Snip its from today (and maybe some from the past few days)

*Lovebug became an official cheerleader today--cracking up watching her practice her cheers. BTW, when did cheering for a football team include mentioning your manicure, highlights, etc in the cheers? Just wondering.

*The Old Faithful family made an appearance on the evening news. Went shopping for some baby furniture. Hit up a local store that we didn't realize had taken some folks money and then closed it's doors and filed Chapter 7. The local news crew was in the parking lot when we got there and filmed us as we all made our way to the door. Didn't tell us we were filmed and I didn't even know we were on there until one of my neighbors called and asked me if I had been shopping today! I was.NOT.camera.ready!!

*Lovebug and Birdie both got haircuts today. Lovebug opted to get about 4 inches cut off. She now believes that she looks so different that no one will recognize her!

*It's a wedding weekend for me and I have got to find some motivation.

*When pregnant it is best to not give into all your cravings. We had breakfast for dinner tonight (one of my favorites!) and I think I gained 5 pounds in one seating with biscuits and gravy...proceeded to spend the next few hours in pain wishing I could just throw it all up already!

*Hubby's company confirmed even more so today that they suck monkey nuts! And his manager doesn't have the balls that God promised a billy goat. Yes, I said it.

*Two children when bored will proceed to aggravate the t-total crap out of you while picking on each other. Am beginning to think my idea of trying to be more laid back and provide a summer more like one of a yesteryear wasn't such a good idea.

*Patience isn't something I have a lot of right now and I am getting in nesting mode all at the same time. Scary.

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