Monday, June 1, 2009

3 years today...

The fondant mermaid off of the top of Birdie's birthday cake from Saturday (yes, we get 2 cakes in this house, 1 for the party and 1 for the family). Birdie saw this cake after I scoured the internet and fell in love with it. Notice even the little ring on her hand!!!

Dear Birdie,

Today you turned three. Where did the past three years go? Up until the day you were born I was terrified that I couldn't possibly love you like I did your sister...and then I layed eyes on that sweet cherub face. That was the first lesson you taught me, that a Mother's heart can truly grow to accommodate all her children. Day to day I watch you and you just seem to find a way to always make me smile. I hope I always remember the way you love to snuggle up in my lap and place your little hand on my face so you can just feel my face. I love the way that I can be dressed in icky clothes and be a big mess you will still say how pretty you think I am and how much you like my shirt. I love the way you love to "shake your booty". I love the way your little head fits perfectly in the space between my chin and shoulder and your sweet curls fall down my arm. I love the way you sing "Cowgirls don't cry" and you don't yet understand how true the meaning of the words are. I love the way we sit in your room every night for our moments chatting about the day and you always put on a show so you can watch your shadow dance across the wall. I love that when you aren't feeling your best you will ask me to rub your arm or leg and somehow it makes it all better. There's so much more, but most importantly, I love that I have been blessed enough to call you my daughter.



Belle (from Life of a...) said...

How sweet! I hope that you ALL have a great day. She's a lucky girl to have such a wonderful mom.

Lisa said...

The years do go by rather quickly. Sharing them with special little girls is a blessing unlike any other. Of course, I know not the bond of a mother and son, since I am the mom of two girls. Happy belated birthday to your daughter.