Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rants and Raves

Verizon Wireless, I thought we handled our problem a few months back with the crazy billing. We've had to "handle" it again for two months now with my Hubby going to one of your stores, taking time out of his busy day to, first, wait on someone to be able to help him and second, to go through the whole process of correcting the problem once someone is available to help him. It's not an in and out thing. Of course, nothing ever is at Verizon. So when you call my cell phone and let me know that one day after we paid our bill we still owe one thousand and blah, blah dollars, yes you will get your ass ripped a new one!! Yes, I will be so crazy that I will throw it out there as to how I'm going to contact my attorney. Yes, I will let you know how completely incompetent you people are that you can't get the problem fixed. To top it off you called me on a day when Hubby was out of town, Baby Girl didn't sleep and I was having MAJOR PMS! The kicker, they hung up on me....oh yes they did. I was that crazy.
Our children's Christmas party. FANTASTIC! Someway, somehow with the Hubby out of town until Thursday of last week I still managed to get most of the decorating done and most of the shopping done. Saturday we were on automatic pilot and we had everything ready in more than enough time. It was relaxing. Now, once all the children were here it was a little, ok, a lot, chaotic, but it was to be expected. Lovebug answered the door to see Santa and Mrs. Clause walking up the walkway. The reaction? Was exactly what I envisioned. It was storybook. I think she was as excited to see the Mrs as she was about the Jolly Man himself. They read Twas the Night Before Christmas and then led us in a song. I had tears in my eyes as I sat in the floor with not only my children, but my friends' children all around me. The only thing that didn't go as planned this year was the craft. I had intended to do plaster hand impressions. Well, the mix was too wet at first (I had a friend who is a dentist mix it, because I didn't have a clue!) and then we let it set up too long. Basically, we ended up with a bunch of plaster discs. But you know what? It is just another story to tell!
Where is MY computer?! I repeat, I truly hate the Rent-A-Center computer! I NEED my computer. I have a bride getting married next weekend and there are things on that computer that I need before then! Everyone cross your fingers and say a prayer that it comes in soon!
The bride I mentioned above. I LOVE HER! I couldn't ask for a better bride for right here at the holidays. She has had a rocky road and she could be a bridezilla. And honestly, I wouldn't blame her. But she's not. I will miss having her for a client. She is the exact reason I started doing this. I know I'm going to cry for her when she walks down the aisle and I am always going to be honored that she included me in her special day...which is going to be SO beautiful by the way!
Dear Friend, If, after going tailgating and you've consumed too many beverages, I am gracious enough to not only offer you a place to rest your head for the night, but I also offer you some of my pj's to rest in DO NOT SHIT IN SAID PJ'S AND HIDE THEM---AFTER YOU'VE ALREADY MADE MY BATHROOM LOOK LIKE THE INSIDE OF A TRUCK STOP! Did you think I would never find them? Did you think for one minute of how I may accidentally touch your poo in MY pants and then almost vomit all over the place when I realize what treasure I've found? I'm just sayin'.
Clemson beat the Gamecocks and are now going to the Gator Bowl!! To top it off, Dabo was named head coach. All is right in the Clemson world! Love it!


amy (metz) walker said...

The poo in the pants story...REALLY!? I can't even imagine!!! They could have just gotten up early and thrown them in the wash...or even cleaned them in the sink! I'm so disturbed (but laughing) right now!

dylan72986 said...
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The Pink Owl said...

Ummm....the poo story...WTF?!? Seriously, I would be going all kinds of b!tch on someone for that. Beyond gross (but makes for a seriously funny story)!


Caffeine Court said...

Someone needs to go to AA. Seriously - if you poo in your friend's pjs and HIDE them, you have hit rock bottom.

K. said...

The PJ story... WHAT?!? Who the hell does that? And then HIDES them! WOW.