Saturday, August 9, 2008


I haven't posted much lately due to getting ready for back to school. How did the summer pass us by so quickly? Our "lazy" days are numbered now and I'm having those emotional mother stirrings starting. This year we start not only first grade in our house, but Baby Girl starts MMO. I know that they both will not only excel in their programs, but they will love it. Still the Mommy in me has the panic feeling that Lovebug is growing up way too fast. This summer alone I noticed a growth spurt that absolutely makes my heart ache and wonder exactly where all the days have gone. The days where it was the two of us as Hubby traveled for work and we were two peas in a pod venturing out together and figuring out the whole Mother/Daughter thing. Me struggling to provide for her something I never received from my own mother. Watching her learn something new everyday and, being the people pleaser that she is, always eager to share it with me. I wonder now how many years I have left of being her number one confidant and it brings me back to the aching heart. Then there's Baby Girl. How can words even sum up the first two years of a child's life? She has to be the most happy-go-lucky child I've ever layed eyes on. And tough as nails! She adores her big sister and wants to do and be wherever she is. She is so full of laughter and is always eager to share a hug with someone--even strangers (I know, I have to watch this child like a hawk!). To hear my two girls together laughing and playing is the most beautiful sound in the world to me. But still the aching heart.

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Kristen said...

Stay strong mommy!