Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today was another big day in the Old Faithful house. Baby Girl started MMO! Did my heart ache? Why, of course. What made it bearable? Coming over the hill and Baby Girl seeing her "school" from the backseat and saying, "There it is! School!". I could just squeeze her!!! The kicker for the week? Baby Girl FINALLY used the potty on Monday!! Now, if I can just get her to do it again we'll be in business.

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Hannah D. said...

Thanks so much for the advice!! I didn't really think of it as an ultimatum until you mentioned it and I have to say, I think you're right! I wouldn't want to give him the opportunity to let me down. I'll keep everyone posted on the situation.

I've been enjoying scanning through some of your old posts and noticed you spoke of going to college here in Charleston. Did you go to C of C? I'm starting my fifth glorious year and I have to say I am kind of sad it will be my last, I just love this campus!

Not that I'll be leaving Charleston after graduation, but a daily trip to campus post-graduation just doesn't seem feasible, or normal for that matter. Although, if I could, I probably would!