Tuesday, August 12, 2008

future fashionista

With all the hullabaloo getting ready for back-to-school and with my work projects picking up I completely forgot to mention the shopping trip Lovebug and I took last week! I knew for a while that I wanted to start a yearly tradition of an overnight trip for she and I to take before school starts back (and of course, Baby Girl will have these same opportunities when the time comes), but with the mentioned work projects and Hubby's travel schedule it ended up being planned more spur of the moment than normal for me. Lovebug knew nothing of the trip until about an hour before hand and even after we packed up the "Lady" she still didn't know for sure where we were headed--I love a surprise!!:) Lovebug knows her Mommy well and figured it all out quickly as we headed to do some fantastic shopping in Charlotte. I think J Crew's Crew Cuts is absolutely adorable...and obviously so does Lovebug. Within moments she somehow managed to snag herself a personal shopper putting together outfits for her as she tried on and modeled all the styles!! She was too dang cute. Later we enjoyed a fantastic dinner, just the two of us. We packed up some fabulous desserts and headed to our hotel to climb into pj's and watch some television while feasting! The next day the shop-a-thon was back on...to the point I actually got sick of shopping. I know, don't freak out! Lovebug can shop me under the table!! More than anything, I loved being able to just focus on one child at a time and letting her feel like the super special child that she is.

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